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Baby Shower Cards And Invitations Templates

Honor the soon arrival of your little miracle by having an enjoyable baby shower. As a mom-to-be, you can fully customize your party invitation, choosing from our multiple styles. Announce your pregnancy in a drawn manner, in a whimsical and fun way, choose a monogram design or make it modern. Celebrate your motherhood in a creative way!


Flowery Bash


Watercolor Surprise


Oval Decorations

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Harmonious Circles


Delicate Elegance


Harmonious Circles Boy


Jungle Joy


Pinkie Love

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Playful Times


Cute Suspenders


Forest Wonder

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Dots and Cheer


Swirled Writing


Hearts in the Wind


Oh Boy


Spring Caress


It's a Girl


Autumn Wind


Cute Baby Shoes

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It's a Boy


Flowery Embrace

Baby Shower Invitation Templates


A baby shower party is a memorable event in every mother's life and her family. The occasion starts with sending out baby shower invitations to the expected guests. This is actually the most challenging part because many people do not have access to suitable baby shower invitation templates. However, there are some websites such as that can help you to design and even print baby shower invitations at pocket friendly prices. 


Tips for Baby Shower Invitations


The following are some basic factors to consider when sending invitations for the upcoming baby shower party.  

Wording: This is a very important factor because the choice of the words used in the invitations gives the expected guests an idea on how the party will be. It is suitable to include rhyming words, perfect phrases, simple words and inspirational quotes in the invitations to make them pleasing. It is also important to give your guests directions to the party, let them know if they should bring gifts and whether the party is supposed to be a surprise to the parents-to-be. 

Always involve parents-to-be when making the guest list. This will help you to ensure that no individuals, important to the future parents, are left out. Many people would like their family members, friends, workmates and business partners to be part of the guests. It is therefore wise to consult with the parents-to-be when making the guest list.  

Timing: This is very important especially to the future mother because the selected date and time must work or her. Typically, baby shower parties are held 6 to 8 weeks before the baby is born. It is therefore important to send baby shower invitations in advance so that expected guests can have time to plan for the party.  

The design: It is important to have a theme for a baby shower, depending on the taste and preferences of the mother-to-be. This could include flowers, rubber duckies and other items that will match with the invitation cards. On our website you can find a variety of templates for almost any theme you can think of.  

Lastly, it is important to decide whether the baby shower party will be 'ladies only' or if everyone will be invited. This will help you when designing your invitations because some designs work better for couples or for singles. The wording of the invitation should also make it clear whether everyone is invited to avoid confusion in the party.