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Baptism And Christening Invitation Cards And Templates

The christening of your children is as important as their first birthday. Make this moment an unforgettable one, that you can cherish with your loved ones, through our diverse collection of baptism and christening designs. You can have them traditional or modern, drawn or Celtic, with or without photos, put together in a way that completely matches your loved ones personality.


Floral Grace


Joy and Happiness


Floral Touch



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Rosehip Decoration


Summer Bliss


Modern Picture Frame


Lovely Times

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Garden of Love


Wonderfully Colored


Sweet Doves


Traditional White


Rising Together


Dotted Cheer


Cute and Simple


Cross with Photos


Adorned Cross


Sumptuous Cross


Gorgeous Bloom


Simple Framed

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Baptism and Christening Invitation Templates


Your child is a gift from God and what better way is there to thank Him for this than a christening ceremony? You probably don’t want to keep this joyful occasion to yourself and you would like to share it with your nearest and dearest persons in your life by using invitations to let them know about the event and officially invite them to be a part of it. 


Tips for Christening or Baptism Invitations


Since the baptism ceremony is a religious event usually held in a smaller church or a Christian place of worship, you can’t really invite the entire neighborhood to attend it. First of all,  think of the closest people in your life that you want to be there, make a short list, check it a couple times and then you are ready for the next step: the invitations. 


The style or template of a christening invitation depends on how you organize the event or the entire day and obviously, your preferences. There hasn’t been a big change in trend lately, the classy traditional designs are still preferred by the majority nowadays, but if you want to go for a modern one or even a Celtic design you can find all of those on our website. You can also choose between symbolic art on the cards that shows your love for our Lord or a picture of your beautiful baby, don’t forget that you have a lot of options to make it exactly how you want by customizing it here on coPrinted. 


The writing and wording shouldn’t be too poetic or metaphoric, essential information such as the date, the time and the location should be written on the front of the invitations so guests can easily see it. If there are any formal or traditional details, that people might not know about the event, try to add that on the baptism invitations too. Also if you are planning a simple reception or a bigger party after the religious ceremony you should specify that on the cards or you may risk your invitees to leave after the christening. All in all basic, information that everyone needs to know should be there, but don’t overdo it, keep the text as short as possible. 


Are the christening or baptism invitations ready now? Send them to everyone and enjoy your child’s first event after his birth with your family and your closest friends!