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Birth Announcement Templates - Printables and Prints

Introduce your bundle of joy with a colorful birth announcement design! Let your joy spread to your relatives and friends as you send them a self-customized printable as original as your little one! From elegant fonts to funny-approached themes, from modern designs to vintage motifs, our gallery of birth announcements will help you find the right frame for your beautiful newborn photos.


Floral Scented Portrait


Modern Layout


Bold Monogram


Stylish Name


Illustrated Joy


Fancy Land


Love in a Bubble


Summer Blessing


Our Little Man


Watercolor Embrace


Joyous Presence


Oval Perfume


Nautical Bliss


Delicate Brushstroke


Chic Frame


Blossoming Happiness


Ornamental Elegance


Album Cover

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Double the Joy


Simply Geometrical


Laurel Decorated

Birth Announcement Templates


Almost everyone loves babies, especially when the babies are yours. Sure, they might be noisy; wake you up in the middle of the night, crying for you to change their diaper or feed them; they might be messy, throwing food all over the place and they might even try to eat anything they see, but you still love them. The smile on their cute faces and their interest to explore and learn new things in this new world is what makes you proud while you watch them grow. Because of that, you should prove how proud you are that your new son or daughter was born, and birth announcements are the best way to let everyone know it.  


Spread the joy in your unique way with our birth announcements templates


All babies are unique in their own way, exactly like we are. Trying to send an original message that would fit your baby and an idea of what kind of parent you are can be hard, unless you try to make it yourself, by using printable birth announcement templates and edit them as much as you like.  


It doesn’t matter what message you want to send using your baby’s picture and your own words, you can do all of that by using printables. The process is simple: you start by using a simple template for your baby announcements, then upload a picture of your newly born child, then change everything to fit exactly how you want it, including the colors, the position and size of the text, the text font and obviously, the message.  


Since you now know you can easily create your own unique birth announcements, almost from scratch and even though yours will be one of a kind here are some things to consider when creating your baby birth card: think about who will receive the card and how they will receive the message; don’t use long phrases on the card, it is all about the baby; use the best picture of your newborn child to send the proper message, using a photo of your child trying to eat legos with a classic, vintage design doesn’t match that well.  


In the end as long as you like the baby announcements you created, and as long as your child looks good, there’s nothing to worry about, just send the cards!