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Bridal Shower Invitation Templates - Chic Cards

Any bride-to-be deserves a stylish bridal shower full of friends and family. Your first step toward your happily ever after life needs to be glorified. Let all your acquaintances know when and where will you be celebrating the shower, by choosing one of our delightfully customizable and printable bridal shower invitations!


Playful Bouquet


Shower Colors


Exquisite Gathering

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Sweet and Delicate


Happiness Jar


Flowers and Laurels


Floral Crown


Vintage Tea Pot


Blossoming Pink


Kitchen Wishes

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Spring Vines


Elegant Dress

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Watercolor Heart


Pastel Frame


Lily's Touch


A Handful of Leaves


Cherished Moments


Floral Tea Party


Celebration Frame


Lovely Hearts


Autumn Vibe

Bridal Shower Invitation Templates


To celebrate being a future bride, with your family and friends, in a warm and fun way is great, and it can also be a memorable event. The best way to do this is by throwing a bridal shower party. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to it, starting with the theme, the bridal shower invitations, the actual party favors and games and obviously your family members and friends that will be invited. 


Bridal Shower Tips


You can make this a casual meeting or you can make it a day everyone will remember in a positive way. If you are going for the second option here are some tips you should consider when organizing it: 


  1. Pick a theme. Your shower should have a theme that can symbolize who you are or what you like. You can use a  great passion of yours as the main motif or you can be creative and try something new, people never heard about. Your friends and family will like it anyway, but keep in mind that everything else should fit your theme. 

  2. Make your bridal shower invitations. Again, these should fit the theme you chose and you can also be creative when making it, by using websites such as coprinted and go for a customizable and printable card if you want to do it yourself completely that everyone will love. Here, you can find anything you are looking for, be it stylish bridal shower invitation templates, formal ones or even whimsical designs that will put a smile on your guests' faces. Just remember that your invitations should represent the actual theme for the shower, try not to pick a floral or nature themed one, unless you are throwing an outside garden party, for example. 

  3. Pick party favors. People say the devil is in the details, and they might be right. Even if the party is more of a casual meeting with close friends and family members, you can still make it great by using favors to match the theme; for a garden party you can go for nature related favors - things like silk flowers or even origami will make the entire event a nice memory for your guests. Even though the bridal shower isn’t the actual wedding, personalized name cards could be great and it matters for the bridal party, you can also find templates for the cards on our website. 

  4. Have a great time! After all, it is your bridal shower and all that matters is to enjoy your time with the closest persons to you. Don’t over-think it, pick a theme, create your printable invitations at coprinted in no time, choose a location, favors and games and simply enjoy it!