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Engagement Party Invitations Templates

Start the celebration of your love with one of our unique engagement party designs! You can announce your dream engagement party with highly customizable printable cards that match your stationery. Whether it is modern or traditional, casual or formal, your romantic night is already designed in our gallery. Share the news of your commitment!


Fairy Tale


Circled Initials


Lovely Display


Engagement Calligraphy


Sunset Portrait




Imperial Geometry


Pinky Love


Mr. and Mrs.

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Will You?


Eskimo Kiss


Squared Monogram


Pastel Frame


Modern Latte


United in Love

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Happiness and Laughter


The Ring


Sweet Proposal


Circled Eternity


Two Diamonds


Portrayed Love

Did you say “yes!” after a surprise proposal from your significant other? Did you ask your partner if she would like to be together with you, for the rest of your lives and she said “yes”? CONGRATULATIONS! Even if this happened some time ago, you still need to wait until your wedding, so how about an engagement party to let everyone know about it, in a fun way? 


Using an engagement party invitations template you can take your first step towards having a great party. Keep in mind this isn’t really a formal event, even though it is slowly becoming one, but still, nowadays when it comes to organizing the party, everything goes. You can make a more traditional party; a beach one, with friends and family; a bar meet-up or pretty much anything that you can think about. 


How should I make the engagement party invitations? 


Your invitations for the party should be simple and the design should fit your theme. On coprinted you can start making it yourself and you should, because there aren’t many rules when it comes to the wording, text placement  or the actual templates you use. 


The trend nowadays, is to be as creative as you can with your engagement party invitations, theme and games. Since you can write almost anything on it, you can go for a simple text that gives the guests an idea of how the party will be, a great emotional quote that fits the occasion or you can write an entire little story of how you and your future husband or wife met, do it in a funny way and everyone invited will be there. 


For the text font and the wording you can go for stylish, italic ones if you wish for more of a traditional type of engagement party or you can use simple fonts, if you are thinking of something between a formal party and a meeting with friends. Again, you can just use your imagination to find a text font that fits the location and theme. Take for example our Forest Love template, you can see how the font is a combination of scribbling your name on a tree and a more formal writing style. Go with your instinct and you can’t go wrong! 


For the engagement party invitation template you start with, you can go with pretty much anything. This year, simple drawings and artistic invitation designs are quite popular. Then again, if you have a great picture of you and your soul-mate together, you can use a template that allows you to add that great photo, like our Vintage Feel design. 


All in all, you shouldn’t over-think the design of your invitation, just do it and enjoy your time with your friends, relatives and of course your future husband or wife!