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Save the Date Templates

The date of a significant event such as your wedding needs to be saved and cherished. With our Save the Date printables you can be more than assured that on your wedding day, your loved ones will be right beside you. Your endeared guests are just a card away!


Beach Promises


Lovely Swirled Leaves


Wishes in a Jar


Fancy Calendar

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Summer Embellishment


Picture Perfect

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Diamond Shaped Love


Spring Flowers Frame


Diamond Photos


Timeless Love




Contrasting Initials


Together as One


Hand Lettering


Blossomed Frame


The Garden



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Save the Date Templates


Your wedding planning is underway after you and your partner got engaged? The first formal and necessary step you need to take is to send out your Save the Date postcards to announce everyone you want to be at your wedding, that they are officially invited and they should expect the wedding invitations in a few months from now. 


Save the Date Postcards Etiquette 


Nowadays, since longer destination weddings are not so uncommon or you might choose your wedding day close to a major holiday or some other event, your guests need to plan their free time, trip and reservations in advance. Save the Date templates help you create a great design, that you can give the guests the possibility to plan their time and there’s a higher chance those guests will attend your wedding. Also, remember not to leave anyone out, even if they already know about the wedding, everyone on your guest list should get a card. 


As a general rule of thumb the save-the-dates should be sent out at around six months before the big event. If you send the cards too soon, people might forget about the event, if you send them too close to the wedding, they become wedding invitations. Also, remember once you send them you can’t get them back, so make sure the actual day and the locations are exactly the ones you use on the cards. Changing those, after sending the save the date postcards will give you a lot more work to do in planning and calling everyone to let them know about the change, and it will probably result in less people coming to your wedding. 


Printable Save the Date Templates


At you can create your own printable announcements by choosing one of our save the date templates you find on the website and edit it to fit your wedding theme, your location, and in some cases, the date. You can also edit the text colors, size or font on every single invitation that you want to match to your theme or to the message that you will send to your guests. Choosing printables over the classic announcements gives you a lot of freedom for using your creativity when making them, it is usually cheaper and it saves you time, and we all know this is important when planning a wedding. 


Do you know your exact date for the wedding and did you manage to create a big guest list? Is your wedding in around six months from now? Don’t wait any longer, you can create your save the date postcards right here and right now.