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Unique Wedding Invitations Templates - Easy Printable Cards

It is said that the wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in ones life. It is the magical moment when you surrender to a feeling that uplifts and empowers your love. Create your moment, your one and only printable wedding invitation and make it reflect the greatness of the event. Chose the style, color and feel that best matches your personality by taking advantage of our beautiful, stylish and elegant designs.


Wave In The Wind


Botanical Love


Garden Of Joy II

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Unbreakable Love


Winter Decoration


Love Wreath


Once Upon A Time


Flowery Scent


Four Letters


Slim Writing Poster


Orchid Fantasy


Sumptuous Chandelier


Deluxe Calligraphy

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Ornamental Lace


Royal Framing


Delightful Embroidery

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Diagonal Damask Pattern




Finest Frame


Nature Monogram


Gorgeous Framed Poster

Printable Wedding Invitations Templates


We all have memorable events and highly emotional days in our lives starting with the first day of school, maybe your first crush, your first kiss, on and on up to your wedding, an entire ceremony that you will surely remember. Since the event is one of the most important ones in our lives, everything needs to be perfect: the save the date cards, the wedding invitations templates you use, the dress, the theme, the place, the decorations, the cake, the guests and who sits where.


Did I mention how important the date cards and your invitations are? These are not just announcement cards of the big event that will take place in the near future. Your invitations are a visual representation of what you basically want your wedding to be, it doesn’t only show the location and the exact day of the big event, it also tells the guests what to expect, your theme and some of your ideas for that day.


Why choose coPrinted wedding invitations templates?


Since your theme and location are significant for the big celebration day and you need to incorporate everything into a piece of paper by using printable wedding invitations you can recreate the picture from your mind on the card by using drag-and-drop features. Everything from the template for the theme, colors, the font and style can be edited or totally changed by yourself to fit your needs.


First of all you have a wide variety of great wedding invitation templates that you can use here on coPrinted. You can choose the style of it, no matter if you are looking for simple classic ones or more complex and colorful ones and you can pick one that fits your theme or is very close to it.


Secondly, editing the template is the fun part and it matters the most, because you can move or remove parts of the template, change the font to fit the text and your wedding theme better. The message you send starting with one of our wedding invitations template and your creativity isn’t only about what the person that receives reads, it is also about how he does it. You can easily change the placement of it and the style so as to make as much sense as it can for what you are looking to address. Some good tips are: make sure the text is readable, the message you send is important so you have to keep that in mind when adding background colors, drawings and pictures; choose your words wisely and check the proper traditional way of text placement in your invitation; use just key points of the big event, it is an invitation card not a news article.


Lastly after playing around with the design and you think you are done, you can download a high quality printable wedding invitation at a good price here on coPrinted or you can get it printed by us and receive it anywhere in the United States. Congratulations, you finished your invitations and they look amazing starting from one beautiful wedding invitations template, you printed them and they are on their way. Doesn’t that feel better, cheaper, more creative? You can proudly say that you have an unique invitation design and you will most likely have an unique and unforgettable wedding!