How does the coPrinted studio work?

It's pretty intuitive and easy to use, just follow the bullet points and their explanation below.

Studio presentation

1. The component list

Click on any of the components listed to select and view and edit.

2. The layout list

Some components have multiple layouts available (for example the wedding information card). Click on the layout you want to view and edit.

3. Text Areas / Fields

Click on any text field (that highlights in yellow when you roll over it) to edit it. A popup will appear with options that you can change. If you want to go into more depth while editing your text, just click on "advanced view". Below the studio there is a list of shortcut keys that come in handy when working with text.

4. Add new text field button

Click this button to add a new textfield to your design. A red text saying New textfield - click to edit will appear on the top of the studio.

5. Add your photo

If you click on the placeholders that say Click here to add a photo, the photo options popup will appear. This will enable you to upload a photo, scale it, move it and apply 3 effects to it.

6. Design colors

On each template you'll be presented with a list of layers that can have their color changed (usually every color is changable in a design). Feel free to customize your background color and layer colors to make your template unique and in-theme with your event.

7. Design patterns

If you are bored with the plain color look of the background, feel free to add a pattern to it from our list of 100 patterns. You can create a chalkboard effect, a wooden plaque effect, old paper effect and many more. The design patterns color is directly influenced by the background color.

8. I want to do the printing

Click this button if you want to download a high-quality PDF or JPG file. This will show the generation options that are available. You'll be able to take the produced file and print it on your printer or at any print shop you desire. A subscription is needed to use this service.
» Click here to learn more about these options...

9. Have us do the printing

If you want us to print your cards, click this button. You'll be presented with a new page where you can select the components that you need printed along with pricing.
» Click here to read more about it...

10. Download sample

Clicking this button will create a quick sample from the current component you are viewing. This JPG file is not print quality, but you can print it to see how your colors turn out for example. You can also share the file via e-mail or on your favorite social media.

11 & 13. Save project / Share

The two buttons do the same thing. If you click them, your project will be saved if you plan to revisit it later. If you have an account, your project will be available under your account options at "Saved projects". At the same time your project will also save a custom page that you can easily view and/or share on your social media account.

12. Grid options

Check this option to view a guiding grid over your layout. This is extremely helpful if you need to align multiple textfields. The grid lines will not print.