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Component Name Size One Sided
Print Price
Two Sided
Print Price
Flat Card5 x 7$0.79$0.99
Flat Card4.25 x 6$0.79$0.99
Flat Card4 x 6$0.79$0.99
Flat Card3.5 x 5$0.49$0.59
Tall Card4 x 9.25$0.89$1.09
Square Card5 x 5$0.59$0.69
Square Card4.25 x 4.25$0.59$0.69
Square Card4 x 4$0.49$0.59
Square Card3.5 x 3.5$0.39$0.49
RSVP Card4 x 5.5$0.59$0.69
RSVP Card3.5 x 5$0.49$0.59
Information Card4 x 5.5$0.59$0.69
Information Card3.5 x 5$0.49$0.59
Program Card3.75 x 9$0.79$0.99
Menu Card3.75 x 9$0.79$0.99
Thank You Card5 x 7$0.79$0.99
Envelope Liner10 x 4$0.39N/A
Table Card3.5 x 4$0.39N/A

All sizes are in inches and the prices are presented in US dollars. Price is per card, for 100 purchased cards. There are no hidden costs, no extra charges for the same type of card in different categories. Take advantage of our offer today and discover coPrinted.