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Wedding Reception Programs - Templates, Printables and Cards


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Wedding Reception Programs


Wedding reception programs are not only a way of keeping track of how the ceremony goes and letting guests know what to expect. The cards can also be kept as a memory of the entire event and the main parts of it. For that reason you should keep in mind 3 important things when creating your programs: 


  1. The card's design should fit your wedding theme if you chose one and be similar to the official invitations. Other than that there aren't many rules when it comes to the template or how simple/elaborate it could be. 

  2. If you have a big traditional wedding try to include all the important moments of the entire day in the wedding program. The religious ceremony with the music, rings, lightning of the candle, prayers and so on should be on the cards, also the actual party and the parts of it, especially if it is a themed one, should be specified. 

  3. Try to keep the entire wedding reception interactive by selecting some fun games that fit your theme. Include those in your program also, but you can keep some mini-events in the entire day as a surprise to make it more interesting. 


All in all a detailed and good looking design for the wedding reception programs starting with a great template is all you need. Choose between the classic printed ones or the more customizable printables and create the perfect program for your perfect wedding!