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Fast & Easy Steps to Make Your Birth Announcements Pop

Having a baby is one of the happiest moments of every person’s life and making the birth announcement can be extremely fun and exciting if you are aiming for that direction. We came up with a few ideas that might help you have a blast with your little one and remember this moment even more so than you thought.

1. Baby Photos

One tip to make this work is to take photos with a professional camera or even hire a professional photographer to take some snaps of your munchkin. The differences between a photo taken with a professional camera and one taken with a low quality camera can make or break a great birth announcement. While you’re there how about you try to make your photos stand out by using some fun ideas like: dressing your baby in your favorite movie character or your favorite fruit? Dressing up babies in funny outfits always turns out incredibly cute, there is no chance in making this go wrong, we assure you.
pink baby announcement

2. Colors

Colors are a very personal way to express different thoughts or feelings. You can radically change a Birth Announcement Card by using different color palettes. If you choose pastel colors – soft, slightly nuanced delicate shades, your card will give off a feel of tranquility and innocence. Vivid, fresh colors, can turn a simple Card into a very bold ‘Welcome to the world!’. If you are aiming for the classic, the traditional, the oldie but goldie, try using a monochrome palette and create that feel of nobility and elegance.
birth announcement color combinations

3. Text and fonts

In the example below you can see very clearly how choosing different font styles can completely change the look of your Birth announcement Card. You can go with classic, script fonts for a vintage touch, or choose an elegant, serif font for a more formal feel. Of course, there is nothing stopping you to turn the design into a very modern and bold one, using bold fonts in a big size.
birth announcement font styles

4. Patterns

Using a background pattern can completely alter a look of a Birth Announcement design. The chalkboard pattern is a great way to personalize a design and it never gets out of style. Another popular one is the Chevron pattern but there are many to choose from, like paper patterns, different grunge types, polka dots or tiny geometrical shapes. The point is to have a backdrop that matches the baby photo and the fonts used.
birth announcement chalkboard

There are many more ideas that can help your birth announcement stand out, but we want to leave you space for creativity and we would love if you could share a few of your ideas with us!