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5 Unconventional Wedding Themes

Wedding season is not yet upon us, but that does not mean that we don’t have brides all over looking for inspiration during their own wedding planning process. One of the first things that a couple should decide for the wedding, apart from the budget, is the theme of the wedding. When deciding on a theme, it should reflect the couple’s love story, hobbies and anything that the couple likes. It can be a cohesive theme, like Harry Potter or it can be a very broad theme like a movie theme.

In the following post, we want to show you guys the themes that made us go ‘wow’. They are not seen so often among weddings. Keep in mind that when using a theme for your wedding, it’s not mandatory that you go all out. Certain elements can be used to identify with the theme, but if you have a circus theme, you do not need to have a menagerie of circus animals to make it look authentic.

1. The Wizard of Oz
‘Follow the yellow brick road!’ has probably never felt so joyous. Take your guests on an adventure by using the Wizard of Oz as your main wedding theme. From quotes that can be written on table cards, to games where guests can get a brain, some courage or a heart. As for colors, they can be very bright and happy, think technicolor and you’ll be good.

wedding themes wizard of oz wedding

2. Spies
This can be a very versatile theme, to be quite honest. There are riffs on the ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ movie concept, where the bride, groom and wedding party are dressed to kill. Yes, that was an assassin pun, but it fits. You can go for a very formal and classy black/white palette and use the spy concept in the stationery creation.

weddings themes spy movie wedding

3. Steam-punk
There are plenty of fans of this concept. If you’ve never heard of steampunk before, think a science or fantasy world with plenty of Victorian influences, with corsets, petticoats, and top hats being common clothing and in terms of elements, gauges, huge bolts that fit the industrial era, where you could actually find steam-powered machines.

wedding themes steam punk wedding theme

4. Game of Thrones
Not much to say about this story, because if you don’t know at least a little bit about it, where have you been so far? Game of thrones has all fantastical elements of fantasy, making it a perfect inspiration for anyone who wants to have their wedding nature inspired.

wedding themes game of thrones wedding

5. Alice in Wonderland 
Coincidentally, this is also a theme that comes from the Victorian era, only this is one is a little more whimsical, a little more colorful and a little more quirky. Oh, who are we kidding, it’s plenty whimsical, colorful and quirky, it’s Alice! Go for bright and bold colors, mismatched porcelain tea sets and funny references to the book.

wedding themes alice in wonderland wedding

Those are five of the most unconventional wedding themes that we really wanted to showcase. There are plenty more and they don’t necessarily have to be related to movies or books. Anything can inspire you to introduce a certain element or a certain concept into your wedding.


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7 Interesting Facts About Thanksgiving

Even though we are at the beginning of November and there’s still about 20 days until Thanksgiving, we want to make some blog posts to help you get to know Thanksgiving a bit better. We went online and researched a bit about Thanksgiving, what it stands for and what it means, there were also some fun and interesting facts about the holiday. Without further ado, here’s the rundown to Thanksgiving.

1. Even though, in this day and age, turkey is the staple food that is served on most of the table in North America, in the beginning it was most likely some type of wild fowl like geese or ducks. Turkey became popular somewhere in the 18th century in North America and since then it has graced the Thanksgiving tables.

thanksgiving facts interesting information fall setting

2. The date of Thanksgiving varies every year because what counts is the day of the week. Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday of the month of November.

3. Even though, stories say that the first Thanksgiving dinner took place in the 17th century, Thanksgiving only became a national holiday in 1941.

thanksgiving interesting facts thanksgiving pie

4. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade reaches the respectable age of 91 years, this year. It is one of the most anticipated events of the year being beaten only by the Superbowl and the Ball Drop, during New Year’s Eve.

5. Initially, turkeys were wild fowl that later got domesticated. Wild turkeys can actually fly, domesticated turkeys cannot.

thanksgiving interesting facts pumpkins

6. The Cornucopia is actually an element that stems from Greek myths. Zeus’ mother, in trying to protect him from his father, hid him in a cave and left Amalthea, a goat, as a foster mother for Zeus. While playing with the goat, Zeus broke one of her horns accidentally. He could not attach it back but to repay her for her loyalty and servitude he enchanted the horn to bear fruits and vegetables, as such, it was called the Horn of Abundance.

7. The national emblem of the United States was almost a wild turkey, not the very well known bald eagle. Benjamin Franklin was one of the supporters of this change but it, ultimately, did not go through.

thanksgiving table setting turkey

That is about it from us, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is actually shrouded in mystery because there are very little things that are known about the creation of this holiday. Also, the things we all learn in school about this holiday are fairly watered down and polite compared to a more accurate turn of events. Knowledge is important and so is doing the research for a topic. Hopefully we’ve aroused your curiosity for finding out more about Thanksgiving.

♥ Roxie

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What Should You Know Before Organizing A New Year’s Wedding

Welcome to this blog post where we’ll be talking about holiday weddings. To be more specific, right now, we’re going to focus on a New Year’s Wedding. What should happen, why it’s a good idea and what you should keep in mind.

Traditionally, tradition frowns upon organizing a wedding on major holidays simply because in the past people would spend time with their families and no one wanted to get on the road or travel to a certain location just so they could attend an event. These days, things have changed. People are more flexible with their convictions about what is proper and appropriate especially concerning weddings. Having a New Year’s Wedding can be a great way to bring together all your friends and family and party the night away. Here’s what you should know before embarking on organizing a New Year’s Wedding:

1. Your Guests
Don’t expect to have everyone you want at your wedding be present at your wedding. That, of course, goes for any wedding, organized in any time of the year, but more so for holiday weddings simply because maybe the guest is an acquaintance more than a very close friend who already has plans made to attend another event to welcome the New Year. That should not deter you because even if the party might be smaller, the most important people will be there.

New Years Eve Wedding Bridal Party

2. Your Theme
Yes, your wedding is a special occasion but so is the dawn of the New Year, therefore, a New Year’s Wedding should be a more formal event. Think ball rather than quirky party. Think of using colors such as a rich red, royal blue, grey, silver, white, black or gold. You can get away with a lot of sparkle as long as it is in good taste. Generally, a New Year’s Wedding could take on the black tie dress code, or, if you really want to go all out, go for a white tie dress code.

New Years Eve Wedding Theme

3. Your Venue
This element is open to debate. You can go for a destination New Year’s Eve wedding or you can choose to book a venue really close to home. Whatever you decide, research accommodation and other places of interest for your guests, should they need anything. Remember that you are the host so be a gracious host and treat your guests as you would like to be treated.

New Years Eve Wedding Details

4. Etiquette
here we are mostly referring to how you announce and keep in touch with your guests. In the case of a holiday wedding, you really need to use Save the Date cards as well as wedding invitations. Just sending the wedding invitations 3 months in advance is a no-go because people need more time to see how to arrange their calendars so they can attend your wedding.

New Years Eve Wedding Couple

We’re hoping these little nuggets of information are a good start in your New Year’s Eve wedding organizing. If you think about it it’s pretty cool, because really, how many couples can say that their anniversary is always celebrated with fireworks, at a global scale?

♥ Roxie

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Interesting Facts About Tea Parties

We would all probably love a good tea party, where we chat with close friends and enjoy lovely food and teas and just appreciate the time spent together. It’s classy and elegant but it can also be fun and cute so variety abounds. Below we’ll tell you some things about tea and tea parties that you may not have known until now. Read on!

1. Tea connoisseurs might recognize the term Darjeeling tea. It talks about a very small area, at the foot of the Himalayas, from where the Champagne of teas come from. The area is only 70 square miles, with over 80 tea gardens. You can only get Darjeeling from this area, therefore anything else is considered an imitation.

2. Winos will definitely recognize the process of pairing the perfect wine with the perfect food. It is about matching flavor profiles, scents and textures. Rejoice tea drinkers, because turns out, you can find the perfect tea partner to your favorite meal. Black teas go every well with spicy and bold meals, while green teas are best friends with seafood meals, or otherwise green and fresh foods.

3. On every tea party table, if it is traditional, you will find the lovely, three-tiered tray. On the bottom tray, you’ll have the savory foods: finger sandwiches made with different fresh ingredients – cream cheese, dill and cucumber; salmon and dill with a spritz of lemon juice, radishes with lovely cottage cheese. On the middle tray you will find the cakes and cupcakes – any desserts that are soft and syrupy, that contain cream, frosting or fruits; and finally, the top tray will have tea cakes – like biscotti – and scones – you can enjoy them with the marmalade and butter offered. Don’t forget, if you want to go through all of them, the order of eating is bottom-up. Start from savory and work your way up to scones with marmalade.

tea party tray snacks

4. The Tea Party Invitations must show how formal the tea party will be, the more formal the tea party invitation, the more traditional the Tea Party will be.

tea party invitation

5. The reason behind “afternoon tea” is the following: during tea parties, the tea consumed would usually be black, containing caffeine. If in latin countries you would have a siesta, the afternoon tea is a pick-me-up to help you through the next half of the day. Because tea also has antioxidants, the caffeine gets absorbed slower so you don’t have an energy crash like you do with coffee.

6. The attire for the tea party would be summer dresses or non-business suits (channel your inner Coco Chanel). Stay away from dark colors such as black, navy and dark grey. Think happy, summer colors.

tea party dresses

How did you like this lovely installment of fun facts? Summer is already here, so will you be organizing your own tea party? Let us know in the comments!

♥ Roxie

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5 Awesome Reasons To Have Outdoor Parties This Summer

1. More space
Even if you want to host a smaller get together, holding it outside will be great because the more space you have the more relaxed and chill it will feel. You won’t have to meander between the couch, table and fridge to be able to get around and you have the added bonus of being able to create an impromptu dance space anywhere you want.

outdoor summer party

2. More nature
Let’s face it, most of us have forgotten what the great outdoors look like. Apart from a few select, lucky people, who have a dynamic job, most people work in an office, where we breathe recycled air and hurt our eyes with fluorescent lights. In the summer nature is calling and there is no reason to stay indoors and not enjoy sunshine, green grass and lovely nature in general.

3. More Activities
Yes, indoors you can play Guitar Hero, Just Dance 5 and others but you can’t really hold bonfire! The bonfire is one of the most treasured experiences of summer, it’s awesome and when you think cozy party, you’re probably thinking of sitting around a fire playing and singing acoustic versions of your favorite songs, because every group of friends has that one person that knows how to play guitar like a pro.

open bar outdoor party

4. More Barbecue
Need we say more? You can easily host a barbecue party outside, and just join in the wonderful word of groups cooking. It’s great having friends that you can prepare ingredients with and just have a beautiful barbecue feast outdoors.

5. More Sparkles
If that sounds too girly we apologize, but it is one of the biggest reasons why outdoor parties rock. You can use sparkles in a safe way and even fireworks – check with your local laws and law enforcement. It can all come together to create a beautiful lightshow, couple that with the bonfire, great atmosphere and spending time with friends and you’ve got the perfect outdoor summer party.

sparkles outdoor party

We’ve given you plenty of reasons to host that outdoor party, go forth and celebrate!

♥ Roxie

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Top 7 Interesting Facts About Weddings In Ancient China

Since the month of June if the most popular month for weddings, we are celebrating this with another article filled with interesting facts, and this time we are going to talk about how weddings looked like in Ancient China. Some broad elements are common to other cultures but most are definitely not. Let’s begin:

1. Today, marriage might mean that two people found each other, fell in love and want to spend the rest of their lives together, but in Ancient China, marriage meant something different. Marriage was more or less an instrument to determine future prosperity and fame for the groom’s family, while for the bride’s family it meant gaining a son and successfully setting up an union for their daughter.

2. A matchmaker would be employed (generally an older woman, experienced in matchmaking) and the full name of the bride along with her birth date would be revealed to the groom’s family and the matchmaker.

Chinese wedding tradition matchmaking

3. Astrology was a very important element in marriages in Ancient China, the groom’s family would consult with an astrologer for the compatibility between the pair and the most fortunate dates to hold the wedding ceremony.

4. The Chinese Zodiac would be a huge decision point in establishing the marriage, if the bride and groom would not be compatible the marriage would not be arranged.

5. If everything went well, then the groom would send three letters and there would be six etiquettes. All of these procedures were done in order to respect tradition, honor the two families and honor the bride.

Modern Chinese Three Letters and Six Etiquettes

6. We all know the color red is popular for the wedding decorations and bridal dress. Common knowledge says that red is popular because in Chinese culture it symbolizes luck, and that is true, but in the context of a wedding, the color red is worn and used liberally because it foreshadowed delight and bliss.

7. The bride and groom see each other for the first time during the wedding ceremony. Maybe that’s how love at first sight came about.

Chinese wedding tradition red veil bride

8. Before entering the nuptial chambers, the bride and groom bow four times: the first bow for Heaven and Earth, second bow for their ancestors; third bow for their parents and fourth bow for each other.

Those are the facts, what do you guys think? Interesting or common knowledge, let us know in the comments!

♥ Roxie

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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Names

Hello hello, and welcome to this article that we created especially for expecting parents who haven’t yet decided what name their bundle of joy should inherit. For direct inspiration you can go and checkout our baptism/christening cards and see if any name catches your eye. In this post we’ll want to give you some interesting facts about names – let’s go!

1. We all know Harry Potter is super popular world wide – maybe you’re still waiting for your letter from Hogwarts – so there’s no surprise that with the rise in popularity of this great series, names like Sirius, Draco and Bellatrix actually appeared on baby names lists.

2. Amélie is a French film, released in 2001. Since the movie’s release, the name Amélie has slowly gained popularity among parents.

3. On March the 2nd you can celebrate Fun Facts Names Day and see how many interesting things you can find out about your own name – be it the meaning or how international it is.

4. If you’ve played Monopoly before and wondered if the rich guy character we all know has a name, we’re here to tell you that, yes he does, and it’s Jack the Jailbird.

5. The most common first name that you can find in the world is ‘David’. The most common surname that you can find in the world is ‘Wong’

6. If we compare the ’50s to now, we’re going to see something pretty significant. In the ’50s, the top 25 most
common boy names and top 30 most common girl names accounted for more than half of the babies born. Currently, you would need a top 100 list for boys’ names and top 300 ist for girls’ names to cover half of the babies born.

7. The name Michael was the most popular name in the US between ’61 and ’98, constantly claiming ‘Mr Congeneality’. That changed recently, as in 2011 it did not even reach top 5 boy names.

8. Generally, different names rise in popularity because of works of literature, music or movies; take for example Holden (favorite book is Catcher in the Rye); Bella, Edward (I don’t think we need to explain this one) and recently Grey.

9. As a parent, you’re going to be learning a few nursery rhymes and it turns out that you’ll be saying ‘Jack’ a lot; ‘Jack’ is the name that appears the most in nursery rhymes.

10. In Iceland, people need to choose name from a list of 1712 male names and 1853 female names; these names are registered and approved by the Icelandic government.

And that’s it for this post. So what would you like to name your child? Do you have a short list or a name already picked out? Let us know in the comments!


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Top 10 Interesting Facts About India

Summer is just around the corner and we are already wondering how time went by so fast. Since Sumer is known to be the season of wanderlust, road trips, trips and general roaming, we thought that some ‘Did You Know’s about certain popular destinations would be needed. We are going to start with incredible India, enjoy!
india travel honeymoon couple trip
1. One of the hardest games in the world to master, chess, was invented in India.

2. In India, the earliest school of medicine was established – Ayurveda, by the Father of Medicine, Charaka. All of this happened 2500 years ago.

3. You might think that martial arts originated in China or Japan, but it was actually India that created the first martial arts, which were later spread to the rest of the Asian continent by Buddhists missionaries.
india trip flower market
4. Kumbh Mela is the largest peaceful gathering in the entire world. 100 million people gather for this Hindu pilgrimage, it takes place every third year in four places by rotation.

5. Vegetarians, rejoice! India has the worlds lowest meat consumption, per person.

6. Of all the spices in the world, 70% of them are exported from India.
india spice market
7. On November 14th, India celebrates Children’s Day. As a bonus fun fact, November 14th is 9 months after Valentine’s Day.

8. Cows are highly respected and revered in India. So much so, that in West Bengal, every cow must have a photo ID Card.

9. There are more cellphones in India than there are toilets.

10. Celebrated in March and known as the festival that heralds Spring, Holi is known to be the most colorful festival in the world. People go out to the streets and douse each other in colored dust.
india spring holi festival
With all the interesting facts and known as a country of extremes, India can’t help but fascinate constantly. Is there another country or culture you’d like to know about? Leave it in the comments!

♥ Roxie

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Top 10 Cool Facts About Colors

This time we want to introduce you to a very common occurrence in our day to day lives but maybe we take for granted, until we have to start thinking about how to mix and match the different “occurrence”. We are being vague on purpose. This article will be about colors! When planning any kind of event, you have to think about a theme and about decorations. You have to pick and choose colors that work together, hopefully this post, with its’ facts, will help you in working as best as possible with colors.

1. We’ll start with the most mind-blowing one: colors don’t exist. We made them up. Neuroscience said that colors are just a way for the brain to understand and process the multitude of information it receives from the outside environment.

2. Lobsters’ blood have a bluish tint to it, because the molecule that transports oxygen has copper; in humans, hemoglobin is more rich in iron, that’s why our blood is red.

3. Whilst women are able to see different shades of red – anything ranging from crimson, cherry red, fire-engine red, ruby red, rose red and many others – men see red. It has to do with the ‘red-seeing gene’ that is present in X chromosomes. Given the fact that women have two X and men have one, it’s easy to understand why the difference in perspectives.

watercolor inspiration wedding party

4. Green is recognized as being the color that has the most soothing effect on the eyes. Which is why there are recommendations to give computer monitors green filters – which would work for most office jobs.

5. While pink may be starting to be considered generic (the Barbie pink, anyway), certain shades of pink are known to calm frazzled nerves. That’s why you’ll find some pink in psychiatric wards.

6. The colors considered to be most linked to mysticism are red and black.

color inspiration event wedding

7. In certain cultures, there are no major differences between green and blue, in some cases both representing the same color (see some stoplights in Japan, for reference).

8. There are entire marketing studies on the way that colors influence a shoppers options and habits. Something to keep in mind next time you walk into a supermarket and see all the brands on display.

9. As humans, we attribute a lot of meaning to color, which is why you will find different mediums of expression that use colors as symbols: in Great Gatsby – the green light is a symbol of hope and future aspirations; in Snow White – red, white and black are colors that keep appearing in different scenes (red for strife and spilled blood, white for innocence and purity and black for lust and desire).

10. In Buddhism it is said that each color attracts a different type of energy and that there is a type of meditation where initiates meditate on a single color, trying to receive that particular type of energy.

origami color event inspiration

That’s about it, these are our facts about colors. Hopefully it will help you in finding out the perfect colors for you future event.


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Top 10 Fun Facts About Cocktails

Today, we bring you another installment of facts and trivia that might interest you or make you go ‘Huh, I did not know that’. This week we’re going to talk about cocktails. We’re going to give you some interesting facts, while also maybe giving you some inspiration for an open cocktail bar at your next event, be that a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday party.

1. Initially, a drink was not just named a cocktail, it had to be a refreshing combination of a spirit, sugar, water and bitters – a very specific formula. Basing on that, the original mommy and daddy cocktails are the Old Fashioned and The Horses Neck With a Kick.
wedding day cocktail open bar drink reception
2. Gin and tonic became very popular among the British soldiers stationed in India. Malaria ran wild but through luck they discovered that quinine – a substance that could be found in tonic water prevented cotracting Malaria, the soldiers began drinking the drink. The taste of the tonic water – containing high amounts of quinine – was unbearable so soldiers took to mixing it with gin, water and sugar to make it more palatable. After returning to the British Isles, the made the drink popular among their countrymen.
wedding reception day cocktail bar open drinks
3. You enjoying that glass of whiskey? Or is it whisky? If you are going to Scotland, Canada or Japan expect to find the no-“e” spelling. All other distilleries use the ‘whiskey’ spelling – US and Ireland.

4. If you’re thinking about matching your wedding reception menu with certain cocktails, but don’t know how to pair them, this is a good rule of thumb: the strongest flavor in cocktails usually comes from the mixer, not the spirit – you need to match the food flavor with the mixer. So if you want to include fish or seafood in your menu, think about pairing it with a classic Tom Collins cocktail.
drink wedding day reception open bar
5. If you’re a fan of the Screwdriver (vodka and orange juice) then you should know where the name comes from: oil rig workers, would relax after a tough day by pouring vodka and orange juice into cans and the only thing to stir the mixture was a screwdriver.

6. Vodka is considered to be one of the most popular and versatile spirits in the world. The name comes from the Slavic word voda, meaning ‘water’, so no wonder it is a chameleon of flavor.

7. Yes there is a difference between shaking and stirring. It can change the flavor and texture of a drink. Shake if you have ingredients like fruit juices or cream liquors – generally any thick mixer. Stir if you have distilled spirits – it will make the cocktail smooth and creamy.

8. The Manhattan was created to suit the tastes and palettes of one Jeanette Jerome, also known as Lady Randolph Churchill, also known as Winston Churchill’s mother.
manhattan new york wedding day cocktail drink open bar

9. Some things are essential for human life, like water, air, food, alcohol… wait! What? It turns out alcohol contains all 13 essential minerals for human life.

10. In the US, May 30th is national Mint Julep Day. The Mint Julep is one of the old fashioned cocktails, with 4 main ingredients: mint leaf, bourbon, sugar and water. Also one of the most popular cocktails to have at a wedding reception.
wedding day drink cocktail mint
That’s about it from us, we hope these facts gave you some inspiration on what you would like to serve your guests at your upcoming event. Good luck with mixing and tasting!

♥ Roxie

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