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4 Ways You Can Make Your Wedding Kid-Friendly

One of the things that you need to consider for when you are planning you wedding is, of course, who you’re going to invite. You, guests, are an important element for the wedding because, even if the day if about you and your significant other, the wedding is happening because you want to show everyone that you are taking this step. So really, you don’t really hold a wedding without any guests.
In this blog post we’re not going to talk about all guests, but a special group. Today, we’re going to talk about the kids. If you’re thinking about inviting kids at your wedding, you’re going to have to do some preparation. We all know that weddings can sometimes get toned down, even for adults and for kids it’s at a different level. So that your guests that bring their kids don’t have to deal with meltdowns brought on by boredom, these are some things you can do for your wedding to be kid-friendly.
1. Time your wedding
The best time of day for a wedding where kids are invited is either morning or early-afternoon. There’s a bit of time since they woke up from their night’s sleep, it’s way before their naps, so you can avoid the crankiness that comes with sleepiness.
It’s easier on the catering as well, because brunch or breakfast weddings are easier to pull off than elaborate 5-course meals.
kid friendly weddings wedding brunch
2. Colors!
Not everywhere, but coloring books can help keep kids engaged with an activity when the ceremonies and the speeches are happening. Think about buying bulk coloring books, or even better, create a really simple one, with you and your significant other’s love story.
kid friendly weddings wedding programs coloring
3. Activities
During the reception, you can arrange a designated kid area where you can place certain games that the kids can enjoy and have fun playing. The kid area can be close enough to the adults that they still receive supervision but in a place where it won’t provide a distraction from the speeches and other elements of the reception.
kid friendly wedding kid area pinata wedding
4. Ask for help 
Think about the parents, when they have a date night, they employ a babysitter to take care of the kiddies and spend time with them. You can do the same. You can get one or more babysitters, depending on the number of kids and have them enjoy a pizza party while their parents get to be adults and enjoy the party without having to worry so much about their children.
kid friendly wedding kid are kid table baby sitter
Those were our two cents on how you can make your wedding kid-friendly. If you have any tips and tricks you’d like to share, leave a comment, we’d love to hear different ideas from you!
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4 Tips To Organizing The Perfect Christmas Party

Christmas is fast approaching, since it is a time spent with family and friends, it’s common for many Christmas parties to happen during the week of Christmas. If you are planning on hosting such an event, then it might be a good idea to get everything in order and start organizing all the little details for the party. As an example of an invite that you can send out, you can find one below and you can check out other styles right here.

holiday party invitations with holy frame

1. Decorations

Because it’s Christmas, you won’t have to go that far into the DIY realm if you don’t wish to. The winter holiday season is the perfect time of year for string lights, a huge diversity of garlands and many other decorations. If you want cute decorations, you can get them, if you want to go the traditional route, there are decorations out there that can give that feel. There are plenty of options and you don’t have to break the bank to have lovely Christmas decorations.

christmas party decorations

2. Food
Here you can have lots of fun and let your inner chef shine. Whether it be desserts or savory dishes, there are tons of recipes that can make it on the Christmas menu. From cakes to cookies, you have an entire palette of sweets to choose from. If you want to try your hand at cakes, you can choose to go for a white cake, with white icing and red accents, like a cranberry cake. If you want something decadent, a dark chocolate cake is the way to go. The red accents for this chocolate cake can come from brandied cherries or rum macerated berries. Savory dishes can range from finger food or canapé to cooking big batches of crowd favorites Sliders or sausage and fennel bites are perfect for finger food. If you want everyone to gather around the table, think about creating some roasted root vegetables with a great addition of either a mushroom based main or something non-vegetarian. It all depends on your guests.

christmas party sweets foods

3. Drink
Here come the punches! Christmas Punch should not be missing from any Christmas party, and as with everything else on this list, the recipe list is log and varied. Non-alcoholic, for parties that include kids, alcoholic for the parties where you want your guests to warm up. You can riff off of mulled wines, hot rum and everything in between. There are tons of recipes making the most out of seasonal fruits and aromatic spirits, to bring flavor and savor to the Christmas drink list.

party christmas drinks punch

4. Cozy atmosphere
Make sure that apart from decorations, you can make the space, where the party is going to be taking place, feel cozy, warm and welcoming. This can mean to have blankets, a selection of tunes that can give the idea of a chill space and enough places for your guests to sit and lounge and just talk. A Christmas party can be one where people dance the night away, but more often than not, it’s a place where people can just spend time with each other and enjoy the evening.

christmas party cozy atmosphere

That’s is about it from our side. We hope that these coming holidays are happy and that all the best wishes will come true.

♥ Roxie

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Wedding Bouquets You’ll Love – Part 1

If you are a bride-to-be and you are already in the middle of planning for your dream day, you probably already have your checklist and next months all planned out. When planning for a wedding, there are a lot of things that you have to decide on, there are a lot of checklists to complete, mood boards to create and sources to find for inspiration. One of the subjects that you can get inspired for is the bridal bouquet, and this post is the first part of two posts that will talk about all the different types of wedding bouquets that you can order or even make yourself. Let’s go!

1. Succulent Bouquets
Succulents have been around for a long time. Because they are desert plants they are fairly sturdy, especially in high temperatures and low humidity. They can range a light jade green to a dark green. They are simple and perfect for a desert wedding or as companions to other types of flowers such as peonies, tulips or roses. They can also be used in winter wedding bouquets, for the rustic themed weddings as a formal setting might be too stifling for these plants.

wedding bouquets succulents rustic outdoor wedding

2. Brooch Bouquets
A rather new development for wedding bouquets, when creating a brooch bouquet you can really use any type of brooch. The only things you need to consider when creating a brooch bouquet are: balance – it is striking to see a full brooch bouquet and if the elements are not chosen carefully, it can appear gaudy and cheap; weight – this links to the size of the bouquet, you really don’t want to lug around something heavy on your wedding day; finally, a brooch bouquet can help in either respecting some traditions or establishing new ones.

wedding bouquets brooch bouquets formal wedding

3. Pine Cone Bouquets
These little numbers are perfect for a rustic, outdoor wedding. If it’s a forest themed wedding, even better. Pine cones are very versatile, they can be the sole elements in a bouquet or be a great companion that can bring out the best from other plants and flowers, such as baby’s breath, peonies and others. Pine cones are also popularly used for winter weddings.

wedding bouquets pine cone bouquets rustic winter wedding

4. Paper Bouquets
These are probably some of the most versatile bouquets you can make. There can be paper flowers, pinwheels or origami. Generally used by alternative or quirky brides that look to have a shot of whimsy in every wedding element.

wedding bouquets paper bouquets pinwheel origami flowers whimsical

Whatever type of bouquet you use, make sure that it reflects you, the wedding theme and what you like. Also, throwing it to all the singles at the wedding does not have to be a tradition that you keep. Good luck!

♥ Roxie

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The Five Backgrounds You Need To Create – Part 1

Brace yourselves, coprinters, because this blog post we’re really going to get creative! Since the weekend is coming up, you may be experiencing some TGIF feelings and maybe you have a desire to let your creative energy loose and make something. This blog post we’re going to be focusing on photography backdrops. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to have need of these backdrops. They are perfect for any party that you throw and where you want your guests to have the option to take professional looking photos. Furthermore, any event you organize is going to have a personal touch with these backgrounds. They are easy to create with varying times for completing the project. Regardless of which backdrop you will want to tackle you can be sure that it’s going to look amazing.

1. One-color 
Arguably the easiest backdrop to create, it can be as simple as getting a bolt of material and draping it over a sturdy structure. If you really want to go thrifty, a blanket, sheet or even a towel draped over a wide chair or hung on the wall can become the background for a nice and impromptu photography session.

backdrop full color

2. Lights
If you want to take some photos that have a fairy tale look, one way of giving them that vibe is by using light. Using a backdrops made out of light is a great way to add some magic to a regular scene. They look best at night or in low lighting conditions so that the backdrop and the people who pose in front of it can be the center of attention. A light backdrop can be one of the best mediums to create a story through your photograph. Use fairy lights, colorful Christmas lights or low intensity light bulbs to create the perfect light background.

backdrop light garlands light fixtures

3. Geometric
We’re slowly moving into the realm of more time-consuming projects. When thinking about a geometric backdrop you can use any shape that strikes your fancy. Squares, circles, rectangles or any other type of shape, they’re all good because they look dynamic. It can be 2D or 3D by creating paper geometric shapes with the help of a glue gun. They are perfect for parties or events with a more modern feel and depending on what colors you use, or if you go for monochrome it can fit almost any modern theme. Patterns like chevron and hound’s tooth can be considered geometric backgrounds.

backdrops geometric shapes event planning

4. Paper 
Garlands, punched-out shapes like stars, hearts or any other motif, paper flowers or even origami strewn on pieces of string, they all qualify as paper backgrounds. Paper backgrounds are good if you want to take photos that have a delicate vibe to them. You can use different types of paper like translucent, opaque, fully colored or patterned.

backdrops photography paper cranes and french paper

5. Edible 
This i a unique idea that will definitely wow your guests. While we use popcorn and dried pieces of fruit to decorate Christmas trees we don’t really think about using them in other contexts. From giant marshmallows to candy canes, from popcorn to dried apples and oranges, edible backgrounds are great for a rustic event.

backdrops with edible garlands photography

That is it for part one of our background creation. Stay tuned for part two where we’re going to show you other ways to create non-conventional backgrounds for your events.

♥ Roxie

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How Do You Organize A Monochrome Party

This blog post is perfect for the ones who will have their birthday coming up, but still haven’t decided on a theme or a style for the party. Even if your birthday is nowhere near the time we post this article, that doesn’t mean that it can’t serve as a source of inspiration for other events and parties that you might organize or even help out in decorate. For today, we’re going to talk about how to incorporate a monochrome theme for a party. We’re going to be talking about the black/white aesthetic and how it can become a great theme, in the right hands. You can also find the perfect birthday party invitations on our website, check them out here.

birthday party invitations monochrome

1. The Space
Because monochrome is a minimalist inspired style, it looks better in certain spaces, more than others. The space needs to be clean and airy, with plenty of light and few other distractions. Everything should look streamlined with straight lines and sharp corners. If your space is very Bohemian or very Art Nouveau inspired, don’t worry, you can still give it a monochrome look, but you’re going to have to get a bit creative. If there are many items in the room where you’re holding the party, consider moving them or rearranging them so it can give off the illusion of more space and less clutter. Also, you can use bolts of black or white fabric to conceal other colors that might clash with the theme. Think blank canvas when you’re thinking about what to do with the space.

monochrome birthday party space decorations

2. Decorations
You might think that it’s simple to find black and white only decorations but you might be surprised. Since a lot of parties are very colorful it might be a bit more complicated finding the decorations that can fit the minimalist theme. If you’re a fan of DIY there are many resources only that can help with the stationery side of things. For example, you can find free printables of black and white paper garlands that you can hang around the space. Look for black and white balloons. The other decorations that you could need are props for the photos. To be honest the best route for all of these is to go DIY. It is rewarding, affordable and fun.

black and white party monochrome props

3. Food
If you really want to go all out with the theme, take advantage and find foods and drinks that follow the same color palette. You can be a little adventurous and cook spaghetti made with squid ink, in white sauce which will follow the chromatic. For other edible treats you can coat tiny pretzels in white chocolate and then sprinkle black sprinkles. The possibilities are endless. For alcoholic drinks you can search for variations on the White Russian or recipes that use Kahlua or coffee. Go wild!

monochrome birthday party treats and snacks

4. Dress-code
This might sound pretentious but you should think about the dress code or at the very least the dress theme for your party. There are two ways you can do this, state the theme on the party invitations and ask the guests to follow the theme by dressing only in monochrome colors or you can go the opposite way and ask your guests to dress very colorfully. Either way, the photos of the party are going to look stunning.

monochrome party dress code

That is about it from us. We hope that we gave you some helpful tips on organizing a monochrome party. Good luck!
♥ Roxie

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4 Types of Engagements Photo-Sessions

More and more couples these days are opting to book a photographer and have a lovely engagement photo-shoot. It is a great way to help you remember the engagement period, take some beautiful pictures and spend some quality time together doing something fairly unique. I mean it’s not everyday that you get to be the main character in a professional photo-shoot. An engagement photo-shoot can happen in a multitude of places and the styles of the photos can vary widely, depending on the couple and the photographer. To help you out and inspire with ideas for your own photo-shoot, we decided that we would give you a few tried and tested styles of engagement photo-sessions.

1. Nature Inspired
A nature inspired session is perfect of the outdoorsy couple. Since it’s such a broad theme, it can really be used as a sort of umbrella-term and you can integrate sports into the whole idea as well. If you’re big fans of hiking or mountain-climbing consider introducing those things into your photography session. This theme works just as well regardless if your sporty or not, you both can just be in love with nature and with the multitude of natural backgrounds available the photos are sure to come out looking incredible.

engagement photography ideas nature themed

2. The Book Lovers
So maybe you met at the same book club or you both have the same favorite book or the same genre. Regardless, incorporating that it of playfulness in a shoot is a great way to get away from the norm. Channel Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire or even Catcher in the Rye for an imaginative shoot with lots of opportunities for great pics.

engagement photography the book themed photos

3. The Movie Fans
Do you like zombie movies? Do you both have the same movie as a guilty pleasure? Do you enjoy discussing movies and watching different flicks, indie or mainstream? Then why not have a photography session inspired by the magic of cinema or the small screen? You could both become that quirky indie couple in that down-to-earth rom-com movie or the unlikely heroes in an end-of-the-world scenario.

engagement photography for movie themed photo-shoots

4. Childhood Throwback
Now here’s one for the ages. Think of the things in your childhood that you both liked, maybe you really loved dinosaurs or you were a big fan of the Back to the Future series. Who knows? Whatever it is, you can have a photo-shoot inspired by these lovely throwbacks. You can even bring a little bit of a nostalgic smile on your friends’ faces once they see the photos.

engagement photography throwback retro comics

That’s about is from us, hopefully you can draw some inspiration from these tips and start creating your perfect engagement photography session. Good luck!

♥ Roxie

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Here’s 4 Honeymoon Spots You’ll Love

Since there were a lot of posts about winter weddings, inspirations and even an array of wedding stationery that we created especially for couples that wanted to say ‘I do!’ in a winter wonderland, we thought that a post would be in order about the event after the wedding reception, the honeymoon. We’re going to talk about five of the most beautiful honeymoon destinations. Hopefully, with this post you can draw inspiration for your own honeymoon.

1. Iceland
Land of giants and fairies, Iceland is extraordinary and beautiful. The seemingly empty land is gorgeous and filled with hidden gems of locations and venues that a young couple can enjoy during their honeymoon. Some of the most impressive sights are the igloo hotels, where you admire the starry sky while relaxing in one of the rooms and let’s not forget about the Northern Lights. Stargazing in Iceland is amazing especially since you can get to many areas where light pollution is minimal so you can genuinely see the starry night as it should be.

honeymoon destinations winter weddings

2. Prague
If you are looking for a fairy tale location that can become the backdrop of the beginning of your newlywed life, Prague may just be the place for it. With incredible architecture, you will feel like the princes who has found her prince and are just strolling through your kingdom. With a great culture to boot, you won’t be left craving food, drink or fun as the Czechs are known for their amazing cuisine, great beer and Prague is a city that has a sprawling nightlife. If you are not much into clubbing, the multitude of theaters and opera houses have you covered. Check out the black light theater, one of the innovations brought by Czech theater artists.

honeymoon destinations winter weddings prague

3. Amsterdam
Amsterdam was probably not in the top list for romantic getaways, that is until The Fault in Our Stars offered us a glimpse of the city that we didn’t really know of before. Enjoy the amazing sights, sprawling canals and unique architecture. The Netherlands, as a whole, is a country with amazing history and culture but we can’t ignore the buzz of energy that can be found in the this tiny country.

honeymoon destinations winter weddings amsterdam

4. Tuscany
If there is one region that can take you back to simpler times and make you feel at home, it is Tuscany. Even in the winter time, it is hard to ignore the cozy feeling of family that can be felt even while walking along the streets of the cities. A beautiful region, with olive trees and vineyards, it is a perfect spot for a couple that just wants to relax and experience the good life, like fat cats.

honeymoon destinations winter weddings tuscany

We hope that you will enjoy reading about these amazing places as much as we enjoyed writing about them. What are you waiting for, go plan your honeymoon!

♥ Roxie

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4 Simple Steps in Organizing a Pirate Birthday Party

Regardless of the season there are always going to be birthdays to celebrate. We know, this is not new information but humor us for a bit. If you like to celebrate your birthday, there will probably be a birthday party involved and that means planning. Because it’s your birthday, you could probably get away with choosing a party theme that normally would not be chosen. In this post, we’re going to be talking about how to organize a birthday party with a pirate theme. You don’t need to be below the age of eleven to be able to pull off a brilliant pirate themed birthday, it may sound childish but it can be really cool, here’s how:

1. Puntastic!
Hey, you’re a pirate for a day, so resisting the urge to say ‘Arrrgh!’ of call everyone not dressed in pirate attire ‘landlubber’. Apart from that you can use puns as a way to give a harmless sense of fun to the entire affair. For the Food and Drink bar you can go for Submarine Sandwhiches, Barnacle platter or Siren Punch. For the entertainment you can play a version of ‘Walk the plank’ or play ‘Limbo’. the unofficial DJ can be called a Siren just for today. Scour the web and find your favorite puns and use them!

2. Food and Drink
Here, you can get as creative as you want. If you want to go all out, for your cake you can create edible sand and mud so you can surround a sweet treasure with those concoctions. You can make submarine sandwiches or even a huge plate of seafood pasta (just make sure that there are no allergies among your guests). For the drinking side you can create a mix of Pirate or Siren punch or even go for the classics of beer and wine but keep them cool in a ‘Dead Man’s Chest’.

pirate party organizing food

3. The Music
We are not going to suggest for you to play only epic instrumental music inspired from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, that would be overkill and not fun at all. There are certain moments to play those epic instrumentals, one is when most of the guests arrive, just so you can give them a good laugh and set the mood and the second moment can be when the cake is brought out. Otherwise, make a playlist of you and your friends’ favorite party songs and go wild. It’s ok, pirates can let loose now and then too.

4. The Background
Lastly, for the decorations, think in the color scheme white, cream, brown, blue, red and black. Apart from that you can use accent colors such as gold or silver. You can get some really cheap fabric and create some pirate-ish garlands or even get some really cheap crates or boxes and decorate them as treasure chests. If you and your friends are a big fan of taking pictures, consider printing out simple 2D props so you can ‘try on’ different pirate hats, beards and other accessories.

pirate party organizing tips

That was about it from us, mateys! Get cracking on organizing that lovely pirate party and don’t forget to have fun!

♥ Roxie

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How To Organize A Great Halloween Party

We’re not going go beat around the bush. The month of October is exciting, and you know what we’re referring to. Halloween! It’s one of the best holidays out there, where adults that don’t do cosplay throughout the year can really let their creativity and imagination soar and create some great costumes. It’s also a great excuse to try out all the wacky recipes under the sun. Regardless if you’re a die hard fan of Halloween or just curious about this holiday but want to organize a party during the Hallowed Moon, this post is here to help and give you the rundown of how to organize a great Halloween Party, enjoy!

1. How do you want to be scared?
Do you want to be scared? We’re talking about picking a theme for the party. Do you want to fight off hordes of zombies with the help of your friends? Become a creature of the night and go for a vampire theme or werewolf theme? Maybe you really want to channel MacBeth and concoct a potion with the help of your witch coven. Truly, the possibilities are kind of endless when choosing a theme for your Halloween Party. Think about who you are inviting, what you like out of the horror or spooky genre and then try to channel that when choosing your theme.

halloween party theme

2. Pick your poisons
We’re talking about refreshments, snacks and everything in between. Without fail, the cool factor of a food and drink space, on Halloween is significantly higher when you have a massive punch bowl with a great punch. Go wild, you can choose to create witch’s fingers, deviled eggs, or graveyard brownies. Anything goes as long as you don’t feel like it’s becoming a chore. Halloween is a fun season so you should have fun even if you are organizing a party.

halloween party food and drink

3. Set the crime scene
You can’t forget decorations, except if you want to hold an anti-Halloween party, but where’s the fun in that? You don’t need to sacrifice rent money for great Halloween decorations. Go to the dollar store and see if you can pick up some paints and some sheets and create ghosts or a chilling “crime scene”. There are tons of tutorials online on how to transform regular items into awesome Halloween decorations.

halloween party decorations

That is about it from us. Remember that with how Halloween is perceived now, it’s the holiday where you can go wild and have fun. Spend the time with friends and make some memories that will last.


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How To Organize The Perfect Wine Tasting

We’re in the middle of fall and even though a lot of vineyards have probably ended the picking season, that does not mean that the wine itself is not to be enjoyed. With the cold weather becoming the norm it’s safe to say that cozy gatherings and homey parties can sometimes hold more appeal than clubs or parties where the music is blaring. In that vein, today, we’re going to talk about how to best prepare a wine tasting party. Read through this post and hopefully you’ll find some useful info on how to make a wine tasting party successful.

1. First Thing’s First
Imagine having a house party where the DJ is really not professional, does not have a certain theme fr the songs and doesn’t really have any idea what the crowd needs. Lame party, right? That’s about how it can get with a wine tasting if you don’t give a bit of structure. There are a lot of wines out there and it’s easy to get confused. To avoid all of that confusion, pick a theme. You can choose to go for a type of wine: Pinot Noir, Merlot, Chardonnay and so on, but buy wines from different wineries and see the differences between the producers. You can choose to taste vertically, that’s when you choose one certain producer and taste the wines produced in different years. You can go for a horizontal tasting, where you choose a year and try to find one wine per producer produced in that certain year. you have a lot of options, don’t stress over which is better. Pick one and run with it.

how to wine tasting party

2. Tools
Just like a DJ needs a turntable you need tools for the wine tasting. The most obvious ones being glasses. Yes there are a variety of glasses out there for every wine imaginable, in total, about 20 different types. Do you need all of them? No, there is no need to dish out good money for glasses that you are not going to use on a daily or weekly basis. If you’re really serious about becoming a wine connoisseur you can get two types of glasses. Go for a set of six red wine glasses (the bowl of the glass is larger than a regular glass) and for a set of six flute glasses (perfect for white wines). Apart from that, you may want to have some cards that give a bit of background on the different wines that the guests can look through, kind of like a cheat-sheet.

how to wine tasting party glasses

3. The Food
Wine needs a compliment and that comes in the shape of food. A wine tasting party without food can become something else, fairly quickly so make sure that you keep your guests focused on tasting the wine and offer them companion dishes. Nothing complicated, make sure you have an assortment of cheeses, nuts (almonds work best), bread (that has been warmed up for about 5 minutes, at 350 F before serving) and crackers. Remember that the focus is on the wine, not on the food, check pairings before buying anything. Also, remember to have water on hand so that your guests stay hydrated.

how to wine tasting party food

In a nutshell, that is what you need to know when organizing a wine tasting. There are a multitude of guides and info-graphics to help you with the smaller details about a wine-tasting party such as a budget and how much to serve. Good luck!

♥ Roxie

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