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4 Tips To Organizing The Perfect Christmas Party

Christmas is fast approaching, since it is a time spent with family and friends, it’s common for many Christmas parties to happen during the week of Christmas. If you are planning on hosting such an event, then it might be a good idea to get everything in order and start organizing all the little details for the party. As an example of an invite that you can send out, you can find one below and you can check out other styles right here.

holiday party invitations with holy frame

1. Decorations

Because it’s Christmas, you won’t have to go that far into the DIY realm if you don’t wish to. The winter holiday season is the perfect time of year for string lights, a huge diversity of garlands and many other decorations. If you want cute decorations, you can get them, if you want to go the traditional route, there are decorations out there that can give that feel. There are plenty of options and you don’t have to break the bank to have lovely Christmas decorations.

christmas party decorations

2. Food
Here you can have lots of fun and let your inner chef shine. Whether it be desserts or savory dishes, there are tons of recipes that can make it on the Christmas menu. From cakes to cookies, you have an entire palette of sweets to choose from. If you want to try your hand at cakes, you can choose to go for a white cake, with white icing and red accents, like a cranberry cake. If you want something decadent, a dark chocolate cake is the way to go. The red accents for this chocolate cake can come from brandied cherries or rum macerated berries. Savory dishes can range from finger food or canapé to cooking big batches of crowd favorites Sliders or sausage and fennel bites are perfect for finger food. If you want everyone to gather around the table, think about creating some roasted root vegetables with a great addition of either a mushroom based main or something non-vegetarian. It all depends on your guests.

christmas party sweets foods

3. Drink
Here come the punches! Christmas Punch should not be missing from any Christmas party, and as with everything else on this list, the recipe list is log and varied. Non-alcoholic, for parties that include kids, alcoholic for the parties where you want your guests to warm up. You can riff off of mulled wines, hot rum and everything in between. There are tons of recipes making the most out of seasonal fruits and aromatic spirits, to bring flavor and savor to the Christmas drink list.

party christmas drinks punch

4. Cozy atmosphere
Make sure that apart from decorations, you can make the space, where the party is going to be taking place, feel cozy, warm and welcoming. This can mean to have blankets, a selection of tunes that can give the idea of a chill space and enough places for your guests to sit and lounge and just talk. A Christmas party can be one where people dance the night away, but more often than not, it’s a place where people can just spend time with each other and enjoy the evening.

christmas party cozy atmosphere

That’s is about it from our side. We hope that these coming holidays are happy and that all the best wishes will come true.

♥ Roxie

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Thanksgiving Calm – How To Be As Cool As A Cucumber

With Thanksgiving being here, we decided to jump in the deep end. Since this can be a day filled with stress for many people since families are coming together and the turkey has to be perfect and everything else on the table needs to be in tip-top shape, we thought that a calming article would be very useful. If you feel a meltdown coming on because nothing is ready and you feel like you don’t have that much time, use these tips to get back on track with yourself.

1. Remember why
When everything seems overwhelming, remember why you are doing all of this preparation. Think about what this day means to you and your family. Think of the good times you’ll have, all seated at the same table, sharing a meal and practicing gratitude towards the good moments and the lessons that you all went through, so far. If you remember the reason you’re doing this, then that will help you calm down and get on with your day.

thanksgiving dinner table

2. Have everything within reach
This might seem like a small detail but it pays to know where everything is. If you’re preparing the meal, setting the table and decorating the room, knowing where everything is and not missing any valuable items will really help ease the stress that can come with this day.

3. Hydrate
With all the running around and getting everything together, it’s going to be really easy to forget to take care of yourself. That is until your body will give you a wake-up call by making you dizzy or by you not being able to focus on the task at hand. Make sure to eat and drink plenty of water. This is supposed to be a good day not stress filled, with trips to the hospital.

thanksgiving table setting pieces

4. Breathe
This might be the last thing you want to hear when you’re stressing out but it’s also one of the most effective ways to calm yourself down. When everything is going wrong, take time to breathe in and out a couple of times and focus on your breathing. You will be more prepared to handle emergency situations or unexpected things happening.

thanksgiving stress free dinner

Finally, this is a day meant for gratitude and being thankful for your family, friends and for what you have in your life. Don’t let it become a day full of stress and negative feelings. It’s a holiday that is meant to bring people together so enjoy it!

♥ Roxie

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Winter Wedding With Neutral Colors – Inspiration Board

We’re back, with a new week and a new inspiration board that can help you get some ideas for your winter wedding. This inspiration board, we’re focusing on a winter wedding with neutral colors, white, browns and creams. All the photo sources can be found below. Imagine how your wedding would look like with these lovely additions. Enjoy!

inspiration board winter wedding neutral colors

♥ Roxie

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7 Interesting Facts About Thanksgiving

Even though we are at the beginning of November and there’s still about 20 days until Thanksgiving, we want to make some blog posts to help you get to know Thanksgiving a bit better. We went online and researched a bit about Thanksgiving, what it stands for and what it means, there were also some fun and interesting facts about the holiday. Without further ado, here’s the rundown to Thanksgiving.

1. Even though, in this day and age, turkey is the staple food that is served on most of the table in North America, in the beginning it was most likely some type of wild fowl like geese or ducks. Turkey became popular somewhere in the 18th century in North America and since then it has graced the Thanksgiving tables.

thanksgiving facts interesting information fall setting

2. The date of Thanksgiving varies every year because what counts is the day of the week. Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday of the month of November.

3. Even though, stories say that the first Thanksgiving dinner took place in the 17th century, Thanksgiving only became a national holiday in 1941.

thanksgiving interesting facts thanksgiving pie

4. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade reaches the respectable age of 91 years, this year. It is one of the most anticipated events of the year being beaten only by the Superbowl and the Ball Drop, during New Year’s Eve.

5. Initially, turkeys were wild fowl that later got domesticated. Wild turkeys can actually fly, domesticated turkeys cannot.

thanksgiving interesting facts pumpkins

6. The Cornucopia is actually an element that stems from Greek myths. Zeus’ mother, in trying to protect him from his father, hid him in a cave and left Amalthea, a goat, as a foster mother for Zeus. While playing with the goat, Zeus broke one of her horns accidentally. He could not attach it back but to repay her for her loyalty and servitude he enchanted the horn to bear fruits and vegetables, as such, it was called the Horn of Abundance.

7. The national emblem of the United States was almost a wild turkey, not the very well known bald eagle. Benjamin Franklin was one of the supporters of this change but it, ultimately, did not go through.

thanksgiving table setting turkey

That is about it from us, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is actually shrouded in mystery because there are very little things that are known about the creation of this holiday. Also, the things we all learn in school about this holiday are fairly watered down and polite compared to a more accurate turn of events. Knowledge is important and so is doing the research for a topic. Hopefully we’ve aroused your curiosity for finding out more about Thanksgiving.

♥ Roxie

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What Should You Know Before Organizing A New Year’s Wedding

Welcome to this blog post where we’ll be talking about holiday weddings. To be more specific, right now, we’re going to focus on a New Year’s Wedding. What should happen, why it’s a good idea and what you should keep in mind.

Traditionally, tradition frowns upon organizing a wedding on major holidays simply because in the past people would spend time with their families and no one wanted to get on the road or travel to a certain location just so they could attend an event. These days, things have changed. People are more flexible with their convictions about what is proper and appropriate especially concerning weddings. Having a New Year’s Wedding can be a great way to bring together all your friends and family and party the night away. Here’s what you should know before embarking on organizing a New Year’s Wedding:

1. Your Guests
Don’t expect to have everyone you want at your wedding be present at your wedding. That, of course, goes for any wedding, organized in any time of the year, but more so for holiday weddings simply because maybe the guest is an acquaintance more than a very close friend who already has plans made to attend another event to welcome the New Year. That should not deter you because even if the party might be smaller, the most important people will be there.

New Years Eve Wedding Bridal Party

2. Your Theme
Yes, your wedding is a special occasion but so is the dawn of the New Year, therefore, a New Year’s Wedding should be a more formal event. Think ball rather than quirky party. Think of using colors such as a rich red, royal blue, grey, silver, white, black or gold. You can get away with a lot of sparkle as long as it is in good taste. Generally, a New Year’s Wedding could take on the black tie dress code, or, if you really want to go all out, go for a white tie dress code.

New Years Eve Wedding Theme

3. Your Venue
This element is open to debate. You can go for a destination New Year’s Eve wedding or you can choose to book a venue really close to home. Whatever you decide, research accommodation and other places of interest for your guests, should they need anything. Remember that you are the host so be a gracious host and treat your guests as you would like to be treated.

New Years Eve Wedding Details

4. Etiquette
here we are mostly referring to how you announce and keep in touch with your guests. In the case of a holiday wedding, you really need to use Save the Date cards as well as wedding invitations. Just sending the wedding invitations 3 months in advance is a no-go because people need more time to see how to arrange their calendars so they can attend your wedding.

New Years Eve Wedding Couple

We’re hoping these little nuggets of information are a good start in your New Year’s Eve wedding organizing. If you think about it it’s pretty cool, because really, how many couples can say that their anniversary is always celebrated with fireworks, at a global scale?

♥ Roxie

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How To Jazz-Up Your Thanksgiving Dishes

There is roughly one more month until Thanksgiving. It is one of the holidays that you get to spend with your family and practice gratitude for every lesson and good thing that happened this year. It’s a way for you to reconnect and let go of past transgressions, all the while enjoying amazing food and good company. Thanksgiving is rich with tradition and a big part of this holiday’s traditions come from food. Taking advantage of seasonal fall vegetables and fruits there are plenty of classic dishes that are loved and cooked all around the States. If you want to mix it up and see how you can add a little flair in the kitchen during Thanksgiving, here are some dishes we found that could probably become new staples in your Thanksgiving menu.

1. Leftover Magic
We’re going backwards with this. For the amount of food that you cook during Thanksgiving, it would be a shame to have to waste it and throw it in the bin once the holiday passes. Which is why using leftovers and giving them an amazing twist is the way to go. Stay away from salads and sandwiches by trying out a sushi roll, with your leftovers. If you want something warm and filling, how about spicing it up with a lovely turkey chilli ? The possibilities are endless for this.

thanksgiving dinner ideas

2. Corn Desserts
We’re generally used to seeing corn in savory dishes, but that does not mean that it could not be used to create a perfect dessert. Another popular option would be corn cremé brulée. These dishes are not difficult to make and they offer up a great change of pace from the classical pies and tarts that can be found on a traditional Thanksgiving table.

thanksgiving dinner ideas desserts

3. Classics With a Twist
Many people are probably a fan of stuffing, which is why the Stuffing Pie has been invented. Generally, it takes the turkey a bit longer to cook if there is stuffing inside the cavity and it also stops the turkey from cooking evenly, so a great idea would be to have the stuffing separate and use pie crust as a receptacle. Maybe you’re going to be spending your Thanksgiving in a small group, you can try out having turkey roast and not an entire bird a the dinner table.

thanksgiving dinner ideas stuffing pie

4. Around the world
You can use traditional ingredients and transform your kitchen into a fusion wonderland. Pumpkin is great in curries that also pack a punch and can warm you during the fall. Cranberries and apples are versatile and can be used in both savory and sweet dishes. Instead of a pie you can try a tarte tartin, which also looks impressive.

thanksgiving dinner ideas pumpkin curry

All in all, we all know Thanksgiving can be a stressful holiday and there are pressures for it to be perfect. Just remember that traditions don’t have to be the dishes that you consume, and that the company you keep is the most important during any holiday season.

♥ Roxie

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The 4 Types of Halloween Costumes You Need To Try

September is here and we’ve only got 51 ore days until Halloween, but it’s not like we’re counting, that was just an educated guess… We are, we’re totally counting! Its one of the most exciting times of the year, where you can let loose your inner weird and embrace clothing that you would normally not wear for fear of being judged. Adults can be kids again and dress up as their favorite character or favorite anything really, because with such a characteristic and imagination, the possibilities are endless. In case you haven’t yet decided what to wear, worry not, because this blog post is for you. Read on!

1. In case you love puns…
Why not be a walking pun. These costumes are very popular because they are witty, clever and require some dedication to pull off, simply because of the fact that some of them could not be found in a costume shop (not in all costume shops, at least. The best part about these costumes is that regardless if you’re single, have a friend dress up with you or your significant other, these costume puns can still work very well. You can choose between the very funny ‘A salt and battery’, ‘Apple Pi’, ‘Deviled Egg’ or even as ‘Facebook’. There is much variety to be had in the world of puns.

Halloween Costume Inspiration Puntastic

2. Favorite character = favorite costume
This is a classic. Pick you favorite character from a book, movie, TV Show or comic and go for a version of that character’s costume. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to feel pressured to get the costume 100% correct, right down to the shoelaces. The point is to grab the point elements that make up the character. For example, for Superman/Clark Kent, you don’t have to don the red cape and blue spandex. Just wear jeans, a white shirt with the top button undone, where a red and blue t-shirt is peeking out, also, don’t forget the glasses. The mad hatter is even easier, make a hat out of cardboard and cover it with some spare material and then go for very striking make-up, to complete the mad look.

Halloween Costume Favorite Character

3. Fantasy and Mythology
If you’re in love with Greek, Norse, Hindu or literally any other mythology or pantheon you can use Halloween as an excuse to dress up as your favorite deity. What could be better. Again, here you can go as far or as chill as you want. Just use your imagination for the costume for yourself.

Halloween Costume Inspiration Mythology

4. Miscellaneous
Here we have other great ideas that don’t really fit into the other categories, they can be an obscure character of a commercial, a product or a real person (like George R. R. Martin or J. K. Rowling or Tolkien, yes we named fantasy authors, yes, you can legitimately dress up as them).

Halloween Costumes Creative

That is about it from us, the most important thing in all of these cases is to have fun, because that’s what Halloween is, a holiday to unwind and have fun and not care about fitting in, because on Halloween, weird is the new normal!

♥ Roxie

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5 Tips to Beat ‘Back to School’ Stress

September is fast approaching and with the lovely month that signals the beginning of fall, there is one other thing that is on a lot of people’s minds. The beginning of school! If you look all around, you’ll see all shops with Back To School offers, Back To School clothing, accessories, the works, really. Even though it can be fun seeing displays and window shopping, the Back to School vibe can get a little stressful for your child and for you. Below are some tips to help you and your kid cope with the change of pace that starting a new school year brings.

back to school wallpaper

1. Getting Back On Track 

During the summer, your child’s daily schedule was, probably, a lot more relaxed than suing the school year and that’s perfectly OK. You child should be able to enjoy summer, play with his friends and enjoy the lovely time outside. Problem is, if you don’t start integrating a bit of organization into the child’s schedule before the school year starts, it can be a very rude wake up call for your kid to start respecting certain hours and following a set program. You can prevent this by talking to your child, creating a plan and explaining why everything is going to happen.

2. Communicate

The schedule isn’t the only thing that can cause stress. Regardless if it’s the first year of school or the fifth, your child can go through the stress of the unknown or of expecting certain things to happen. He or she can be nervous about popularity, bullying, being judged and so on. It’s important to have more than one conversation regarding these topics, to see exactly where the worries lie and to talk through them. Once they understand themselves why they feel what they feel and how to cope with it, they will be much more well equipped to handle the school environment.

back to school homework

3. Get Involved

Your job as supporter does not end once school starts. Get involved and informed, what are the school policies, what is the dress code? What are the attitudes towards tardiness, bullying and any other action you can think of. Get involved in parent-teacher meetings to see different perspectives. While you are talking to your child, you get one side of the story, talking to your child’s teachers can reveal an entire hidden side of your child, that you can’t really see at home.

4. Request Help 

Family members and friends that also have children that are going to school can help with some questions that you have. If not, then there is also the vastness of the Internet, where you can find forums, books and articles lettign you know how to make the process of school easier and calmer for your child and for your family.

5. Be a Cheerleader

School years are very important, besides the formal education that your child receives, he or she will be spending more than half their time of their formative years in school, with friends, colleagues and maybe even a few bullies. You need to be there to support and to remind your child to have fun, take it one day at a time and to help your kid grow and mature.

back to school support

That is about it from us. What tips do you have for beating back-to-school stress?

♥ Roxie

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5 Tips For Planning Your Outdoor Party

If you’re living in a place that has four seasons, then you’ll be feeling that summer is slowly giving way to autumn. In honor of the last weeks where you wouldn’t be cold while only wearing a t-shirt and shorts outdoors, we wanted to give you a post about outdoor parties. More specifically, how to organize a great outdoor bash so you can welcome autumn properly. Without further ado, read on!

1. Call To Action

Of course you could just send in email or give a phone call, but if you want to go all out and set the tone for the party, it’s important to invite your friends and do it right. A great way is to find a nice design that lets every guest know exactly how fun the party’s going to be. Below you can see a great example of outdoor party invites that you can get from

summer outdoor party invitations

2. Decor

You have so many options and choices on making a great space for an outdoor party. Remember that impressive design can be a great conversation starter, which is particularly effective when not all the guests know each other. Also, it’s a party, so having a theme will make it that much more fun, but don’t stress, if you don’t have a theme, just focus on making the space cozy and welcoming, even if it is outdoors. String lights around the party space, get massive pillows and bean bags so that guests can sit comfortably and don’t forget to have blankets lying around for when it gets chilly.

outdoor party decorations

3. Hit ‘Play’

Music is great for creating the mood, getting a party started or just offering some background soundtrack to the party. Create a mix that most everyone can get behind. Remember that it’s not going to be a club night, but an outdoor party, so keep the volume at a comfortable level, enough for your guests to actually hear each other talking and maybe don’t start with the hard hitting tracks right at the beginning. Plan ahead and make a party mix that can last up to 4 hours and you will be golden!

outdoor party mood

4. Organize Your Space

This goes without saying, but make sure that all the guests that will be coming to you party, will be able to sit comfortably and enjoy themselves, without worrying that someone will take their seat while they’re away. That means that you have to make a little inventory of how many chairs, or pillows you have and if you need anymore. You don’t need to go to IKEA and replenish your chair stock because thankfully, you can rent furniture for cheap these days.

outdoor party lights placement

5. Go With The Flow

If your guests are at the party, that means that they wanted to be there and enjoy themselves. You don’t need to have a plan for everything or have a schedule written down for activities or games during the party. Let is all develop naturally without trying to “make the mood”. If people don’t want to dance, then that’s fine, as long as they are talking and enjoying themselves. A party should be fun times for everyone, so don’t turn it into a career defining event.

That’s about it from us, good luck in planning your perfect, end-of-the-summer outdoor party! Let us know in the comments how it went!

♥ Roxie

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7 Ideas For Great Camping This Summer

The lemonades and water balloon fights are in full swing, ’tis the season to wear light and airy clothes, eat your weight in all flavors of ice cream imaginable and check out the different pool parties. It’s Summer! Regardless of all the outdoor activities and festivals, cafés and museums that are available in your city, sometimes it’s just really good to take a breather from the city life and go into the great outdoors. That’s right, we’re talking about camping! Below we’ll give you some tips on how to have great summer camping. Check them out down below!

camping day call to action

1. Upgrade
Just because you’re leaving the “comforts” of the city, it does not mean that you have to sleep uncomfortably or spend an inordinate amount of time building a fire instead of spending more time with friends and family. That’s why, before leaving check your fire supplies, invest in some foam tiles that you can put in your tents so that you have something soft to sleep on. Also, don’t forget about grabbing some microfiber towels, they are lightweight and don’t take up as much space as regular towels.

2. Scavenger Hunt
The camping site can become the perfect set for an epic scavenger hunt, where you can really get your friends or family involved in the wild race. The only things you need is a bit of time to prepare, a very simple map of surroundings, if the campsite is really big and of course the needed items. It is a fun time, split into teams and have a blast.

camping day ideas treasure hunt

3. Travel Light
When going camping, you usually go to escape the city and leave behind, if only for a little while, the hustle and bustle of busy streets and crowded places. So why would you take more than you need? Pack light, think about the items and clothes that you really need when camping and only get those. You will not be going down a runway,  you will be going to relax, breathe in clean air and spend some time in nature, away from modern distractions. Enjoy yourself, not only what you are wearing!

camping day light packing

4. Don’t get bugged by bugs!
Because often times, when outdoors, mosquitoes or ticks can really ruin a good time, remember to pack mosquito repellent or make your own. Same goes for tick repellent, if you don’t want to pick up these little critters by accident, then make a tick repellent by combining one part tea tree oil with two parts water and spray that over the hem of your jeans, hiking boots and outdoor clothes. They should help in making creepy-crawlies avoid you.

5. Activity!
While it is nice to just relax and enjoy the outdoors, it can be really fun to have some activities planned that can chase away the boredom of inactivity. These activities can be done by families or groups of friends hiking. Make campfire stories interesting by having a Story bag filled with different items, the person telling the story will have to pull one item out of the bag and use the name in the story, go around the circle and prepare for some good laughs. If you really love angry birds, make a real life version of them using some boxes and plushies then compete to see who can get three stars – you can round up some boxes from convenience stores, disassemble them so they can fit in the car and assemble the entire angry birds scene on site.

6. Get Informed!
Don’t leave things to chance. Research the weather forecasts for the days when you want to go camping to make sure that a storm won’t catch you unaware. Research camping sites and hiking trails to see what you need to have with you apart from essentials. Check to see what local fauna and flora there is and see if there is anything dangerous that you need to avoid: snakes, poisonous plants, bears, wolves and the list goes on.

camping day camping site

7. Document
It is not as boring as it sounds. While it’s best to leave technology behind when going to relax, having some photos and videos of the great camping adventures is really nice. Just don’t go overboard and bring every gadget that you have with you. You’re not going to have charging ports stuck to tree trunks.

camping day memories

That is about it from us. Share in the excitement for camping and let us know what you think about these tips and what you’ve done throughout your camping adventures. Good luck!

♥ Roxie

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