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Meet our Team – Claudia

ClaudiaHello there! My name is Claudia! You don’t hear from me that often, so I am glad I can write to you now and present myself a little bit. I am a quite boyish girl, a book lover, a bike passionate (I looove my bike) and well…an artist.

I love every bit of what visual art means, especially creating it. I am the designer behind the cards and the one who creates all the graphics you see on our website. So, even though you don’t hear from me often, you see my work everywhere.

You can send me ideas for cards and I might use some of them, or just play with the existing templates on our website. I love to see how people get creative around our templates!

I hope you love our designs and play with them as often as possible!

♥ Claudia

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Meet our Team – Roxie

Hello dears, it’s nice too meet you, my name is Roxie.roxieI am just a really cool person, or a major dork, but that’s just semantics. I love meeting new people, travelling and reading. Wanna talk about being a theater geek, talk about Neil Gaiman books or why broccoli and mushrooms are the ideal vegetables? I’m your girl.

I hope to give you tips and tricks that will really help in your events and maybe even make your life a little bit easier, which is why I’ll focus on Planning, Etiquette and Did You Know categories.

I love real stories from real people so if there’s something you want to let me know, get busy in the comments section.

I also like stationery, new tech and pretending I’m still going to get a letter from Hogwarts, so, you know, the regular stuff.

♥ Roxie

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The Story of the Hummingbird

Hello coprinters! We hope you’re enjoying the beautiful beginnings of spring!

This blog post is a little bit different than the others. Usually you visit our site because you want to find cute printables or prints for your events. Maybe you even check out the blog with all the articles about wacky themes or interesting info, but you don’t really see what’s happening behind the designs.

New 2015 coPrinted Logo

You don’t get to know us, and for this post, we are going to change that.

This season brings welcomed gifts – a decision to embrace the spirit of change, a rebirth which offers you a refreshing change of pace. So get to know a little bit about coprinted. Just like our hummingbird, our designs shine in vibrant colors telling our story.

Uniqueness Has a Home Here
You as our valued member get fully customizable designs; from fonts to colors. So if you don’t like the original colour palette or placement, go ahead and make your own invitations, inspired by what you see. We embrace creativity and novelty and we think that you do too.

Time Is Valuable
You can generate a printable file in less than 1 minute. From online design to pdf file quicker than a hummingbird’s wings.

Heartfelt Keepsakes
You matter to us, and you deserve the best event that it can be. It’s why, in every design that we create, we think about you. Apart from invites we have a team that gathers up tips and tricks on organizing different events. Concerned about etiquette for an event? No worries, we have Etiquette and Did you know’s perfect for giving you an overview of the most important topics.

The Amazons of Stationery
Working tirelessly to create better and more beautiful designs? Yes! But that’s what it’s all about. There’s no waste of great ideas or dynamic brainstormings for designs. You get that “je ne sais quoi” with our printables and prints and we’re ready to prove anyone wrong that says otherwise.

So get to choosing and adapting your stationery coprinters, we’ll be here for you —
every step of the way!

The coPrinted team

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Pregnancy Gender Myths

Our family just grew and we’ve been blessed with a baby boy! We received this wonderful infographic to share, it would have been really useful 9 months ago to debunk some of the myths out there.

♥, Eddie

Pregnancy Myths – Source: California Cryobank

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Did you send out your Halloween invitations?

There are only a few days until one of our favorite holidays is here! Yes, I am talking about the spooky Halloween night. Personally, I absolutely adore this holiday! The thing is that it’s not only a holiday where kids dress up and go trick or treating but the night in which you choose who you want to be, to show your inner self, or being the exact opposite from your day to day life.

Besides the fact that you choose your personality and looks for one night, there also comes the part in which you design your nice companion, the pumpkin. The story says that the pumpkins were the guardians of the house; they kept the welcoming light for the good spirits that were missed by the family and banished the evil ones.

These days, we carve our pumpkins in all sorts of ways. Even if they used to have scary faces before (so the bad spirits would get repelled), they look pretty different now. People enjoy creating cute, funny and happy faces for their pumpkins, to welcome the kids into their home, or just for the fun of it.

Making some research myself, I found some cute carvings for Halloween pumpkins that you might like to try out (I surely will):

Photo credits:


I hope you enjoy creating your stylish pumpkin. We’re looking forward to seeing your creations!

♥, Eddie