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Turquoise wedding invitation card – Joyful inspiration board

Hello coprinters,

We are in the middle of the spring season and the atmosphere is getting more and more lively, so we decided to create a cute inspiration board using one of our colorful wedding invitations. Turquoise is the perfect color for this season and can be easily used in a modern wedding next to pink and beige elements. You can also use our other stationery with this template design to create a complete look.

Please tell us your opinion on this inspiration board and more ideas that you would like to be featured on our blog.

inspiration board with turquoise stationery

♥ Ann

Our sources: Globes, Blue Water Bottles, Cake, Straws, Suit, Blue lemonade, Roses, Roses in vase, Cupcakes, Shoes, Heart

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Christmas Table Centerpiece & Three Free Christmas Printables

Christmas is only a few days away and by now you have surely received a lot of beautiful and dear to your heart greeting cards.
For most of them you feel bad to just put them away in a box, so you would like to display them all over the house but you have only that much place on the mantel top.
So, for today, we would like to show you a very simple idea for the Christmas table centerpiece. 
Add salt in some mason jars, stick some forks in the salt and display your favorite cards. 
If you like our cards, we thought of giving you the chance to print them at home, using these free printables:
1. Holy
2. Love

Tutorial – Working with text & advanced tools

After we have presented how to work with texts & standard tools, we continue with a tutorial about working with advanced tools and further customize your cards.

As you will see, even the advanced tools are very easy to use and they allow our templates to be highly customizable.


Inspirations Boards

Inspirational Board – White Christmas

Have you ever seen something more elegant that a white Christmas?

Walking down memory lane, enjoying the simple and cozy life, this week we imagined a Christmas that warms your soul with the complete perfection of white.

And we built everything around our Painting with White template.

♥, Anna


Photo sources: Painting with White template, Christmas Inspiration, Fabric Stars, Festive, Jul


Tutorial – Working with text & standard tools

Working with textfields in the studio is super easy. Just follow the instructions below and see how intuitive, simple and quick it is to edit your texts.

Also check out our tutorial about working with pictures on CoPrinted.com.

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Shopping List – Free Printable

I’ve been using a shopping list for years now and I don’t seem to be able to go shopping without it.
When this happens, I experience a very diverse range of feelings. First of all, just before I get to the store, I panic and I feel that I can’t buy anything without my list. Then, after I enter the store and all the careful marketed shelves calm me down, I seem to be shopping for a whole army and I still feel that we could die of hunger.

So, to save myself all this drama and (and at the end of the day and most importantly) to save money, I find that a shopping list is essential.

I menu plan almost religiously (and I will present you such a menu in the near future) , so the shopping list is made especially while I establish our menu for the week. So I always keep some printed list inside a favorite cookbook, to have them at hand.

We have created here a special printable that you can print at home and use every time you go shopping.

You can download it here for free.

We used the Delightful Embroidery  template, but you can play around with other templates and create your own personalized list from any menu component under wedding invitations.

♥, Anna

Inspirations Boards

Inspirational board – Red & Cream Christmas


Today we played a little bit with colors and we asked ourselves what color combination represents more a cozy Christmas?

You know the kind: with a warm and fluffy blanked, hot cocoa (preferably with a half melted marshmallow), soft sugar cookies and maybe – if you are very, very lucky – a little baby! ♥

To match all these inspiring pictures, we used our Winter Night template and we changed all the colors to the same warm shades of red and cream.

♥, Anna


Photo Source: Rustic Door, Christmas at the Farmhouse, Red Velvet Thumbprints, Painted Pine Cones, Serenity


Christmas is near!

Print at home Christmas cards

The little coPrinted family started preparing for Christmas early. We designed the templates, perfected them, uploaded them to our page and started trying out all the possible features.

And we are pleased with the results!

As some sort of a cheerful consequence, our office is now full of Christmas cards!

Colored and joyful cards.
And as I sat and looked at them I thought about how happy a time Christmas is.
How Christmas becomes even more important as our children are born and grow up to leave cookies and milk for Santa, how happy our parents are because we have the chance to visit and that, under the tree lights, the whole world seems a warmer and safer place.

And the truth is that the spirit of Christmas lives in all of us and joy is spread so very easily, no matter how many miles apart. And that is why only seeing these cards I feel the whole joy of Christmas. Because this is what it’s all about: sharing the warmth, the hope and the love.

So, don’t forget to send your own cards this year. Cards that reflect you and your family, cards especially made for someone dear.

And by the time Christmas will come upon us, I will be sharing with you many more ideas to help you customize your cards and inspire you in some festive projects.