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10 Free Printable Table Cards

We prepared 10 free printable table cards using the Finest Frame wedding invitation template. Besides this simple and modern table card here you find a wide selection of matching components like menu card, program, response card, thank you card and even an cute design for a small top favor box.
Download here the free printable table cards (7×5 in): table card number 1, table card number 2, table card number 3, table card number 4, table card number 5, table card number 6, table card number 7, table card number 8, table card number 9, table card number 10.

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Free Printable Table Card

Free Printable Table Card
Pink, commonly called as “the color of love” is a frequent choice as a wedding color theme. More than that, a combination of pink and white knots the unconditional love with the purity and completeness of white.

Having this in mind, we personalized the table card component of the Flowery Scent template for another freebie. Download here the free pink printable table card, or personalize any component of the Flowery Scent template here.