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How To Choose A Wedding Theme Without Going Insane

You’ve said yes and you have already started that wedding binder that will keep together all of the ideas, deadlines and information about vendors and important details on the wedding planning process. You’re almost ready to go, except for your wedding theme. Below we’ve prepared some tricks that could help you choose you wedding theme, without causing too much stress. Let’s go!

1. What’s your story?
A wedding theme is always the personal choice of the couple. Because you are intertwining your lives together and you are going to go on a journey together, it’s only natural that the start of that journey, the actual wedding day, reflect you as a couple. Think about the moments and memories you shared together and see if you can incorporate parts of your love story in your actual wedding: be it in the decorations, ceremony itself, food, flowers etc. It’s going to be way more enjoyable planning for something that makes you smile.

wedding day wedding theme

2. What do you like?
This is linked to the first entry. What do you and your SO like? Not what you think your guests would like, what music would the guests prefer, what food would the guests enjoy. This is your day, to be together and to show the world that from this day forward you’re going to be by each other’s side, if the wedding day won’t be a day where all your favorite things can come together, then there’s really no point, is there? Of course, be curious and take into consideration that you are inviting other people – if you have vegetarians, don’t serve only meat dishes, if you and your so love heavy metal but some of your friends don’t, play a variety of music but if for example you want to go with the fish dish, but mos of your friends like chicken more than fish, go with the fish dish, it’ll be delicious.

wedding day wedding theme likes

3. Theme vs budget
This is an age-long debate, which comes first the theme, or the budget. Let’s say that you’ve been dreaming your entire life of a wedding ceremony and reception with a Cirque Du Soleil theme. At the same time, you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on acrobats and magicians so what do you do? Easy, you blend them. Choosing a theme does not mean that every single item or element from the wedding ceremony and reception need to reflect it. For a circus themed, grab cheap rolls of fabric that you can drape, to remind of the circus tent, for decorations go for patterns found during Cirque Du Soleil numbers. Choose 5 major elements that remind you of a certain theme and the rest of the items can be neutrals and not compete with the star-elements.

4. Choose wisely
Really think about the theme, because once chosen and once you’ve already started preparing stationery, flowers, favors and what not in that theme, it is fairly difficult to switch it half-way through. Make sure that both you and your future spouse are happy with the theme and with what it entails. If all that happens, everything should be A-OK!

wedding theme wedding day choosing wisely

That is about it, we hope that these tips and tricks will help you in deciding what to go for, for your wedding. If you’ve already picked out a theme, let us know how you chose and what theme you chose, in the comments down below!

♥ Roxie

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Inspirations Boards

Rose Wedding – Inspiration board

Hello dear romantics! Today we created for you a soft, feminine inspiration board for the ones that wish for a rose pink wedding. We love this theme because it brings up the essence of every little girl’s dream wedding, the one with princesses and happy endings. We also think it’s suitable for the warm seasons, especially for spring.

You might want to keep this theme as simple as this, without adding to many colors or accents, because that can ruin the light and elegant effect of the roses. We hope you enjoy being inspired by our board and we can’t wait to hear your opinions on it!


♥ Ann


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