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So you want to plan a baby shower?

If you are reading through this article it means that somewhere, close to you, there’s a bun in the oven, that you want to celebrate. I think a couple of congrats are in order.

Whenever you are planning something you want the event to, of course, go smoothly, and you want to do that with as little stress as possible. Let me help you get started with these tips and tricks in planning a baby shower.

 People you invite:

The same rules that you use for your birthday party apply here. It goes without saying that you want your nearest and dearest beside you. Think about who you are happy to be around with and who you want to share this event with.

Showing that you care through sending a cute invite will help them get in the feeling of the baby shower and we have some suggestions that you can find here:

Baby Shower Invites



It’s common to be able to hold a baby shower anywhere, really. It depends on what you want the atmosphere to be. Depending on what you want, you can hold it at home, in a very chill atmosphere, or find a nice coffee shop, cafe or even restaurant. Think of the size of the place, prices and how it fits with the theme of your baby shower.




A baby shower usually lasts between 3 to 5 hours. In that time you talk, entertain, have different activities. People get thirsty and they get hungry. Think about having an open bar, with fruit juices, flavored water and drinks (for the ones who are not pregnant). With food, you can either go for an open bar or a set time when food can be served to the guests.




Think about the theme of the baby shower and get decorations that deliver that theme. This doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have a circus theme you need to get a life-size elephant.

The best way to figure out what decorations to use is to think about the theme and see what words you connect it with. For example: Circus – Juggling – Clowns – Red, Gold, Silver. It’s easy and fun!

Ultimately, the baby shower should be your time to spend with friends and celebrate the new member of your little family circle. As long as you are happy, healthy and get to experience beautiful moments with your closest people, you are doing good.

♥ Roxie



1. Garden &  Table Spread

2. Cupcakes & Candy Bar

Home Stationery

Happy Birthday Free Printable Card


Download the free birthday printable card here. Change text and colors of any of our birthday invitations templates here. Enjoy your day!