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Free Printable Valentine’s Day Card

Free Printable Valentine's Day Card

Download here the free printable Valentine’s Day card. Customize your unique card using the same engagement party invitations template Tree of Love or simply visit coPrinted.com and choose a design you love.

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Free Printable Table Card

Free Printable Table Card
Pink, commonly called as “the color of love” is a frequent choice as a wedding color theme. More than that, a combination of pink and white knots the unconditional love with the purity and completeness of white.

Having this in mind, we personalized the table card component of the Flowery Scent template for another freebie. Download here the free pink printable table card, or personalize any component of the Flowery Scent template here.


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Free Printable – 2013 Resolutions

2013 Free Printable Resolutions

Have you already thought about what you want to accomplish in 2013?
We have crafted a free resolutions printable. You can framed it, so you can always see your resolutions and what you want to accomplish this year.

Here you can download our 2013 resolutions free printable. We have used Finest Frame wedding invitation template.

Inspirations Boards

Inspirational board – Purple & White Engagement Party

Associated with royalty, magic and mystery, purple is the color of choice of many engaged couples. Purple works perfectly together with a range of colors like white, black, red, yellow, orange, blue, brown, pink and even green.
We put together a purple and white inspirational board precisely tailored for an engagement party. We used the Singing Lovers engagement party template card.

Purple and white engagement party inspiration board

Photo Sources: Singing Lovers Template, Cozy Candles, Monogrammed Cookies, Lila Cupcake, Purple Flowers, Heart Shape Fabric.


Tutorial – Changing the color on design elements

Working with design colors is amazing. You can totally change the look of the card by changing the color on every design element. The design studio allows you to change them in real time preview.

You can easily create a really unique card to match your favorite colors or your color theme party. There are endless options because you can simply combine the colors in any way you like.
Take a look at our step by step tutorial.

Working with desing elements colors

Also check out our tutorial about working with text on coPrinted.com.

Inspirations Boards

Inspirational Board – Blue Christmas

When looking for something special for Christmas, try blue. Simple, clear blue.

The perfection of a clear sky in winter, the remembrance of ice straight to your living room, blue covers the hollidays with a brisk hue of optimism, energy and joy.

Something that you want to have in your heart for the whole year!

♥, Anna

Photo sources: Gentle Snowflakes, Blue Christmas Tree, Christmas Decoration, Holiday Gifts, Blue Wreath

Home Stationery Tutorials

Free printable gift box & chocolate lip balm recipe

Did you know that, besides customized cards, on coPrinted.com you can make customized gift boxes, too? Well, we love these sweet little boxes. Don’t you want your guests to receive their small gifts in a box especially made for them, a box that represents you and the reason you have invited them to celebrate together?

And, further more, why not use these small boxes for special little presents for your loved ones on any occasion?

Like, for example, this homemade chocolate and peppermint lip balm.



I simply made this by melting a small piece of bee wax (about the size of a coin) with two squares of chocolate, I added a little bit of olive oil and a few drops of peppermint oil.

So simple, so useful and a great little present for a dear friend!


To make your gift box check the matching components of the engagement party invitations, bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations, baby shower invitations.


Customize the top of the gift box as you wish (play with the colors, texts and the settings of your file, check out our previous tutorials).



Download it with guidelines for extra help. Simply select Show extra guides before downloading the file. I have chosen to print without borders, on a letter sized paper, with the design distributed as shown below.

Cut out the squares that will represent your top favor boxes.

The extra guides are really soft, and you have to fold on the dotted lines and cut on the straight lines.

Then you will be able to fold and glue the top together.

Separately, cut out a 6"x6" piece of thick paper that is folded and cut like in the image (similar also to the box top) only the folds are done each 2 inches.

And here you have it!


Here you can download the printable favor box.

Simply customize, download and print at home your unique favor box. :)