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New Designs Stationery

This week’s star – Nature’s Bliss

As spring is coming soon enough, we thought to start a new tradition of weekly recommendations based on our favorite designs. Hopefully, this will help you find out about our lovely printables and when to choose them.

We consider the begging of spring like a soft rebirth of the nature, so for this week, we went with our Nature’s Bliss wedding invitation design. This design is perfect for an early spring wedding, with lots of pink flowers and an intimate reception. You can pare it up with other colors such as light green, purple and grey.


♥ Claudia

Inspirations Boards

Inspirational board – Purple & White Engagement Party

Associated with royalty, magic and mystery, purple is the color of choice of many engaged couples. Purple works perfectly together with a range of colors like white, black, red, yellow, orange, blue, brown, pink and even green.
We put together a purple and white inspirational board precisely tailored for an engagement party. We used the Singing Lovers engagement party template card.

Purple and white engagement party inspiration board

Photo Sources: Singing Lovers Template, Cozy Candles, Monogrammed Cookies, Lila Cupcake, Purple Flowers, Heart Shape Fabric.


Tutorial – Changing the color on design elements

Working with design colors is amazing. You can totally change the look of the card by changing the color on every design element. The design studio allows you to change them in real time preview.

You can easily create a really unique card to match your favorite colors or your color theme party. There are endless options because you can simply combine the colors in any way you like.
Take a look at our step by step tutorial.

Working with desing elements colors

Also check out our tutorial about working with text on coPrinted.com.

Inspirations Boards

Inspiration Board – Black & White New Year’s Party

May you have a new year full of wonderful events, great parties and fantastic news to share with all those around you.

We hope to be near you in all those special moments, to help you and inspire you!

And for the last party of the year, we would like to share with you a black & white inspiration board :)

For this board we used the Fancy Glass template, tabletop decor, new year party theme, muffins, table decor



Tutorial – Working with text & advanced tools

After we have presented how to work with texts & standard tools, we continue with a tutorial about working with advanced tools and further customize your cards.

As you will see, even the advanced tools are very easy to use and they allow our templates to be highly customizable.