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This week’s star – Nature’s Bliss

As spring is coming soon enough, we thought to start a new tradition of weekly recommendations based on our favorite designs. Hopefully, this will help you find out about our lovely printables and when to choose them.

We consider the begging of spring like a soft rebirth of the nature, so for this week, we went with our Nature’s Bliss wedding invitation design. This design is perfect for an early spring wedding, with lots of pink flowers and an intimate reception. You can pare it up with other colors such as light green, purple and grey.


♥ Claudia

Inspirations Boards

Spring Birds Inspiration Board

If you’re planning a wedding this spring and you are a nature lover, you might consider having a bird theme at your wedding.  It’s the perfect combination of romance, joy and softness, while also being lively and creative. You can juggle with colors like light blues, greens and browns for a warm effect.


You can find our Home Sweet Home wedding invitation design on our website and customize it as you wish. We would love to hear ideas regarding themes from you all, so please leave us a comment with a theme that you would like to see in our inspiration boards!

♥ Ann

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