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How To Choose A Wedding Theme Without Going Insane

You’ve said yes and you have already started that wedding binder that will keep together all of the ideas, deadlines and information about vendors and important details on the wedding planning process. You’re almost ready to go, except for your wedding theme. Below we’ve prepared some tricks that could help you choose you wedding theme, without causing too much stress. Let’s go!

1. What’s your story?
A wedding theme is always the personal choice of the couple. Because you are intertwining your lives together and you are going to go on a journey together, it’s only natural that the start of that journey, the actual wedding day, reflect you as a couple. Think about the moments and memories you shared together and see if you can incorporate parts of your love story in your actual wedding: be it in the decorations, ceremony itself, food, flowers etc. It’s going to be way more enjoyable planning for something that makes you smile.

wedding day wedding theme

2. What do you like?
This is linked to the first entry. What do you and your SO like? Not what you think your guests would like, what music would the guests prefer, what food would the guests enjoy. This is your day, to be together and to show the world that from this day forward you’re going to be by each other’s side, if the wedding day won’t be a day where all your favorite things can come together, then there’s really no point, is there? Of course, be curious and take into consideration that you are inviting other people – if you have vegetarians, don’t serve only meat dishes, if you and your so love heavy metal but some of your friends don’t, play a variety of music but if for example you want to go with the fish dish, but mos of your friends like chicken more than fish, go with the fish dish, it’ll be delicious.

wedding day wedding theme likes

3. Theme vs budget
This is an age-long debate, which comes first the theme, or the budget. Let’s say that you’ve been dreaming your entire life of a wedding ceremony and reception with a Cirque Du Soleil theme. At the same time, you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on acrobats and magicians so what do you do? Easy, you blend them. Choosing a theme does not mean that every single item or element from the wedding ceremony and reception need to reflect it. For a circus themed, grab cheap rolls of fabric that you can drape, to remind of the circus tent, for decorations go for patterns found during Cirque Du Soleil numbers. Choose 5 major elements that remind you of a certain theme and the rest of the items can be neutrals and not compete with the star-elements.

4. Choose wisely
Really think about the theme, because once chosen and once you’ve already started preparing stationery, flowers, favors and what not in that theme, it is fairly difficult to switch it half-way through. Make sure that both you and your future spouse are happy with the theme and with what it entails. If all that happens, everything should be A-OK!

wedding theme wedding day choosing wisely

That is about it, we hope that these tips and tricks will help you in deciding what to go for, for your wedding. If you’ve already picked out a theme, let us know how you chose and what theme you chose, in the comments down below!

♥ Roxie

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5 Affordable & Amazing Destinations for Your Honeymoon!

Picking the destination for your honeymoon is part of the stressful decision time around your wedding, many times because the budget is not very large, so we thought we could help a little bit. We put together a list of 10 destinations that we think could be suited for you, at an affordable price range, both in the US and abroad.

1. Florida Keys

This particular location is perfect if you want the Caribbean experience, but you don’t have the budget for it. Everything is available for you there, from the sunny beaches to the romantic sunset and swimming with the dolphins. A good tip is to rent a car so it can be easier to visit the entire place (106 miles of highway).

2. Ireland

If you are not such seaside lovers, you can choose to go to Dublin for a more cosmopolitan and authentic experience. You can find rooms at a starting point of 150$ per night and start visiting the historical landscapes and try  the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour. Of course, Ireland has more to offer than just its capital, so you can visit other cities or villages at a much cheaper price. Don’t forget though to take clothes for a more cold and humid place, because you will definitely need them.

3. Mexico


This wonderful country has been on the list of honeymoon destinations for a long time, and it’s no surprise there, since it can be such a romantic place. You can go to the Yucatan Peninsula, which can be defined as a very large area with lots to do, eat and see. You will find there cultural elements that are different from a small area to another and have the opportunity to try out many activities. You can find great prices in Tulum, a smaller resort place where you can be hosted for  79$ per night and be at the edge of the Caribbean Sea.

4. Sri Lanka


OK, we admit the flight will not be cheap, but everything else is affordable once you get there. It is the perfect romantic, cultural and highly exotic place to go to. There are so many things you could see there, from landscapes, to animals and local customs. As for safety measures, you shouldn’t go in the  far Northern part of the country, since that is the place where the 26-year civil war took place, but that isn’t the most interesting part of the country anyway, so don’t worry.

5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming


If you are more into rustic places and experiences, this might just be the place for you. You can go exploring the mountains, try a river rafting trip or skiing if you’re planning the honeymoon in the December-April season. The hotel prices start at 128$ per night at a four stars resort, but you can also get cheaper prices at smaller hotels.

♥ Ann

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Inspirations Boards

Rose Wedding – Inspiration board

Hello dear romantics! Today we created for you a soft, feminine inspiration board for the ones that wish for a rose pink wedding. We love this theme because it brings up the essence of every little girl’s dream wedding, the one with princesses and happy endings. We also think it’s suitable for the warm seasons, especially for spring.

You might want to keep this theme as simple as this, without adding to many colors or accents, because that can ruin the light and elegant effect of the roses. We hope you enjoy being inspired by our board and we can’t wait to hear your opinions on it!


♥ Ann


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Wedding Traditions – Part 1

Wedding traditions! Maybe we could do without a few of them, but some are pretty adorable. I mean who doesn’t know the “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”?
Do you know why it tells you what you should be wearing at your wedding? No?

The Old
In the case of marriage, where being wise is a big plus for the relationship, the idea goes that if you get something old, a family heirloom, something inherited, something that has character and history, you are symbolically starting your new life with a shot of wisdom.
So get that old dusty suitcase out of the attic and find some nice handkerchief or material in there that you can add to your beautiful wedding attire and rest assured that wisdom will be on your side.

wedding, tradition, vintage


The New
Remember those times when the only modes of transportation were by boat, horse-drawn carriage or train? No? Well let me tell you that it was not easy but we pulled through. During those times it was customary that a woman would live with her parents until her personal Mr. Darcy came along, swept her off her feet and they went on their merry way to create a life together, a new life, with new things, new stories and new ways of pushing someone’s buttons. Integrating something newly bought in your ensemble signifies that you’re taking an exciting first step into something novel, that you are accepting a new chapter in your life.

wedding, tradition, white, dress, bride

The Borrowed
I know, you’re probably wondering why do I need to borrow anything? I have my old life and new life and they merge and that’s all I need, right? As it turns out, nope. Married bliss is not constant and we all need a little help from our friends when we face some storms. Borrowing something means you’re reaching out for help. In the case of the tradition, it sounds less needy and more sweet. You borrow something to remind you that no matter the moments, your family and friends will be there to lend you a shoulder, a hand or any other body part you will need.

wedding, tradition, borrowed, etsy

The Blue
You need the blue in your life because you want tranquility, peace and the ever loving calm of the sky. Blue signifies serenity and fidelity and the fact that you are including this helpful color into your dressing ways means that you get to maintain achill attitude, a loving relationship and a strong foundation to base your marriage on.

wedding, tradition, blue

BONUS! “And a sixpence in her shoe.”
Ah, money, what better way to start a new life, without financial care. Yep, you guessed it, this little English rhyme thought about everything, even that plate set from William Sonoma that you really want in your newlywed life. If you live anywhere else but the Old Country, you can substitute it with any small coin or penny.

So what wedding tradition did you uphold? Let us know!


♥ Roxie

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