The coprinted studio is getting discontinued...

Because it's built on old technology, we'll be shutting down the studio in June 2017. We'll be building more scalable tools in the near future that will take care of any DIY needs. We strongly encourage placing your print order through the new system.

In case you already have your design ready for printing in the studio, just let us know your saved projects ID in the instruction fields from the new system and we'll use it as a guideline to build your perfect cards.

Saved projects

Here you can view a list of all of your saved projects. Click "Resume" on any of your projects to resume working on it. You can also duplicate one of your projects by clicking on the "Clone" icon. The copied item will be the first one on the list and a preview will not be available for it.

Saved projects cannot be edited by other people if you share the resume link. Saving over existing resumed work will update the content of the project.

ID Date Sample Details Resume Clone Delete