How does it all work?

It only takes 5 simple steps to get your perfect cards, so the important events in your life would be stress-free! Here’s how.

1. Choose the design you like from our collection of over 1.000 unique items. Any design can be changed for a completely new purpose by changing the wording on the card. So it would be easy for a wedding invitation to become a party invitation.

Before proceeding to the customizing stage, we’ll ask for your name & e-mail. This will enable us to keep you in the loop realtime on the status of your order. Your work will always be saved so you can resume anytime you’re confortable.

2. Once you’re happy with your design choice, get ready to make it unique. At this stage you can select your desired colors, write your wording and choose any matching components that are available. You’ll be enjoying the know-how of our highly trained designers to perfect your cards, so instructions on how you’d like specific things to be on your card given at this point are very important. Let your designer know if you want to move elements around, remove elements or any other requests you may have.

3. You are now ready to pay for your order via PayPal or Credit Card. Your payment & data are entirely secure and we do not store any credit card data whatsoever.

If at any point down the road you are not satisfied with the process or final product please e-mail us at . Customer care is crucial to us so we’ll try to make it right by you. If we can’t reach a favorable solution for you, we’ll offer a full refund on your purchase.

4. After payment, sit back with a coffee and relax while your designer perfects your card. It’s a super simple process and you’re in control. A designer will start working on your proof and will get back to you with a complete proof in about 1 hour after you’ve paid for the order. You’ll be able to chat with your designer and give instant feedback. We’ll work tirelessly until you’re completely satisfied with how everything looks.

In case you don’t want to stick around the computer / phone for the quick proofing session, don’t worry. You’ll be able to revisit your order page and the conversation will be there. We'll also e-mail you each time the designer has uploaded a new proof .

5. When you approve your proof, the next business day production will begin on your cards. We use a custom made paper for our cards, the paper is bright-white cardstock with a silky-matte feel, 120 lbs and 16 points thickness.

Production is handled at a facility in Oregon, where we use the best production printer available in the market. Your cards are printed and usually sit for a day for the ink to dry. Then the cards that need coating (postcards) are coated. After the finishing process, the cards get cut to the correct size. From there they travel to the shipping station where they are packaged and sent. The finished cards will be ready in about 5 business days.

6. When the printing process is complete, we’ll prepare the package for shipping. Ground shipping anywhere in the US is FREE. We do not ship internationally for now. As soon as the package leaves our facility we’ll update your order and also send you the tracking information via e-mail. To keep the costs down, packaging isn't super fancy but sturdy to withstand transport bashing and moisture.

We look forward to working with you!